Flair bartending is the thrilling art of mixing drinks while incorporating eye-catching tricks and impressive performance. In this interview, we sit down with Stefania Pastore, a prominent flair bartender and social media influencer, to discuss her remarkable career in this captivating field. Join us as we delve into her journey, explore the challenges she faces, and gain insight into what makes her a true trailblazer.

This article marks the beginning of our column, “She’s In Charge,” which will celebrate influential women excelling in domains other than music.

Alexandra: Hello Steff! It’s great to chat with you. How are you doing?

Stefania: Hi Alexandra everything is fine thanks!

Alexandra: Could you share a bit about your background and how your interest in bartending first began? How did that initial interest evolve into a career?

Stefania: It is a pleasure for me to tell you about my passion. I was 17 when I approached the world of flair bartending, I totally fell in love with these stunts that were done at the bar counter to entertain the customers.. So I wanted to learn. Initially alone but then I took many courses that trained me and made me better and better. In addition to the flair I have always been a bartender so I know how to work very well and I started right away, both in cocktail bars and in discos

Alexandra: What inspired you to start sharing bartender content on social media and extend your reach in that way?

Stefania: One day I thought ‘why not make videos where I show what makes me happy?  for this I started posting videos where you can see how much I’m in love with my job.  I was able to convey my passion right away and so I decided to continue publishing more and more videos.

Alexandra: As your social media following continues to grow, do you feel a greater sense of responsibility knowing that you have the power to influence more people with your content?

Stefania: Many times I think how many people can see what I do wrong.  What I write or say wrong. I feel responsible for that, sometimes I’m afraid to say something incorrect.  But then I think that if they follow me it’s because they like who I am and what I do.  This thought reassures me.

Alexandra: Beautiful! Do you encounter any instances of sexist behavior, either online or offline, while working as a bartender?

Stefania: It rarely happens to me at work. Online it is much easier to receive many criticisms and bad words. But that doesn’t interest me. These people don’t even deserve to be read.

Alexandra: What advice would you give to young women who aspire to pursue their dreams but face discouragement from society or encounter sexist individuals?

Stefania: The world needs strong women.  Determined but above all courageous women.  Have the courage and not the fear to follow your dreams. People will always have something to say about your life, as long as they talk about it.

Alexandra: What is your favorite cocktail to prepare?

Stefania: I love preparing any drink, the important thing is that it is done well.  I don’t really like frozen cocktails but only for reasons of time

Alexandra: Since you’re not into Metal music, could you share the genres or artists that you enjoy listening to?

Stefania: I usually listen to hip hop music, I really like Eminem, 50 cent. I love this kind of music and I also listen to them when I train.

Alexandra: Thank you for the interview, Steff! Hope to talk again soon.

Stefania: Thank you very much for reading me, I send you a big greeting.

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