Metalympics (previously known as Fandoms At War) is an annual competition between teams formed on the basis of Metal bands’ fandoms. Players earn points by solving Metal and other general knowledge trivia, or by completing other tasks.

The current champions are VoA Sailors, a fandom of Visions of Atlantis.

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The new format adopted in 2022 will take the form of a league table points system competition.

The registration process remains the same. Anyone can pledge loyalty to a fandom for a band with at least one female member, suggesting an alias and stating if they would like to be the team captain. The 20 fandoms with the most pledges will qualify for the main event. The team captain is picked by the Game Maker and is responsible for choosing an emblem and the alias for the fandom.

Teams will be placed at a league table and the event will be carried out through four phases. Each phase includes different challenges and games to collect points. The main game is the Metal Trivia. As teams collect points, their placement in the league table will change accordingly. At the end of the fourth and final phase, the team with the most points win.

The event also includes a Cup competition, where the top four teams at the end of the third phase qualify for the Metalympics Cup, a two-stage knockout that decides a winner. Points collected by teams facing each other at the cup games will also be added to their sum in the league table.

History By year

Year Champion Runner-up
2019 Epicans (Epica Fandom) Nemesis (Arch Enemy Fandom)
2020 Amaranthians (Amaranthe Fandom) Epicans (Epica Fandom)
2021 VoA Sailors (Visions of Atlantis Fandom) Smoon Babies (Epica Fandom)
2022 Wallflowers (Jinjer Fandom) Constellations (MoonSun Fandom)

All-Time Honours

Fandoms Champion Runner-up
Epica Fandom 1 2
Amaranthe Fandom 1 0
Visions of Atlantis Fandom 1 0
Jinjer Fandom 1 0
Arch Enemy Fandom 0 1
MoonSun Fandom 0 1


Metalympics News and Reports

Metalympics 2022 REVIEW

Metalympics 2022 REVIEW

Metalympics 2022 was concluded a couple of weeks ago and two winners were crowned for both the Metalympics League and Metalympics Cup! Jinjer fans' team "Wallflowers" and MoonSun fans' team "Constellations" emerged victorious from the league and cup competitions...

Your guide to Metalympics 2022

Your guide to Metalympics 2022

Metalympics 2022 will be the fourth edition of the annual FemMetal game event. The purpose of the event is to bring fans together to have fun, communicate, learn and get to know new bands. We try not to take ourselves too seriously with the competition and mostly have...

Registration for Metalympics 2022 is now open

Registration for Metalympics 2022 is now open

The registration period for Metalympics 2022 has started yesterday. Fans can go to the Metalympics 2022 page and pledge for fandoms, stating at the time the name of the band they would like to be part of the fandom of, with their personal information. Similar to...

VoA Sailors win Fandoms At War 2021!

VoA Sailors win Fandoms At War 2021!

Fandoms At War 2021 has been concluded with the victory of VoA Sailors, the Visions of Atlantis fans' team, in the final against Smoon Babies, the Epica fandom. The final game began with close scores, as both teams battled and gained and lost the lead. However, the...

Report – Fandoms At War 2020

Report – Fandoms At War 2020

On the 4th of August, Fandoms at War was concluded, and the winner was the fandom of Amaranthe, a.k.a. Amaranthians. I have to say, administrating this competition was very hard. I had to think of hundreds of questions, create "mysteries", and give out quests to...

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