Fandoms At War 2021 has been concluded with the victory of VoA Sailors, the Visions of Atlantis fans’ team, in the final against Smoon Babies, the Epica fandom. The final game began with close scores, as both teams battled and gained and lost the lead. However, the final day of the competition saw VoA Sailors points counter surge up as they completed quests and challenges and continued their solving quizzes until the very end.

Smoon Babies, the champions of the 2019 edition of the competition, scored a handsome sum of 85,670 points, however, that number was not enough to stop VoA Sailors from cruising past them into their first Fandoms At War title.

Smoon Babies found themselves placing first in Pot 1, having earned most nominations by fans who pledged to fight for their favourite band’s colours. They were drawn into Group A of the Group Stage, which they easily won, qualifying to the Round of 16 to face and beat Orphans, The Agonist’s fandom, with a 6000 points difference. They qualified to the Quarter-finals to face MoonSun’s fans-team, Galaxies, winning again by a handsome 6,000 points difference. In the Semi-finals, Smoon Babies faced the Nightwish fandom, Ocean Souls, to set the stage for one of the most exciting matches in the competition, as the two fandoms battled until the very end of the stage for Smoon Babies to win only by a slight difference of ~1.7k points, which was enough to take them to the final against VoA Sailors.

VoA Sailors‘ trip into the finals was a very interesting one. Placing second in the first pot, they were picked into group D. They scored highest in the group and the whole stage, being the first team in the competition to reach 10,000 points. They faced Nemesis in the second round, winning easily, and again reaching a decade of thousands of points. In the Quarter-finals, VoA Sailors broke their own record, scoring 30,000 points and beating Alia Tempora’s fandom, Unicorns United. Their game in the Semi-final started off with close scores until they broke their own record again, doubling the points they scored in the Quarter-finals to win by more than 30k points over The Immortals, which took them to the final showdown.

VoA Sailors were led by their valiant captain, Julia, who showed some great wisdom and passion knowing when and how to use her team’s strengths. Other sailors who made themselves known during the competition, mentioning first names only, are Emmanuel, Mel, Florian, Vanessa, and Bernadett.

The final moments of the competition witnessed the game maker going live on YouTube to solve the Annoying Quiz that was one of the challenges and live with the other viewers the crowning of VoA Sailors as the third winner of Fandoms At War.

You can watch the video below.

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