The End of Melancholy is one of these bands with dark music and dark themes that can make you very happy!

The Russian bands recently released a new album, ‘Nature Unleashed’, which will be reviewing soon. We had the pleasure of chatting with The End of Melancholy’s talented vocalist, Olly Lex, asking her about the new album and about her experiences in her musical life.

Hello, Olly. How are you and the rest of the band doing during these weird times?
Hello, FemMetal! Thanks for inviting us to your community. Well, I decided to stay productive and in 2020 we were writing an album and filming music videos. In 2021 it feels harder to stay at home when you just released an album. As musicians we need that stage energy, especially for me, I love to sing and perform most of all. Then – shooting music videos, and only after working in the studio. So that’s why we decided to film a big live stream in September and a small one as a live session in august but before two days of the shooting I got the flu. So this virus destroy my plans again =) But we’ll do it no matter what as soon as possible.
You released your new album ‘Nature Unleashed’ a couple of months ago. How are you feeling about the way this album was received by the fans?
We got huge feedback, love and support from our fans and it means a lot for us. It’s really inspiring to make more art and see that people really love it. And we got strong support from some of the fans who were even part of the process of recording the album. I got a Patreon page where I can interact with fans closer and it’s a really great platform for an artist. So, I could say I’m happy with the people’s reaction to our new songs and I start to work on the new song. And only patrons already know what it will be. I mean it really supports the band during these hard times without touring.
That’s awesome! If someone is reading this interview and haven’t yet heard the album, what would you tell them to expect if they go check it out right now?
Just… dive into it, dissolve in the deep, strong but soft atmosphere of dark metal. You could feel and discover the attractive energy of the darkness through the singing and music. And I tell the story of what I feel and how I deal with all the spectrum of emotions around us. Just be the centre of the music, close your eyes and live through this with us. I hope the music will be the cure for you. That’s the main goal. Music and love.
In order to get our readers more excited about the album, and get to know you more, how about we play a little game? You will have to pick one song from ‘Nature Unleashed’ for each of the following tasks and events. Let’s go! All the songs on ‘Nature Unleashed’ came to life and became human beings. Which song would be your best friend?
“Black Horse” because it reminds you about who you are and that the power is in your hands no matter what.
Which song from ‘Nature Unleashed’ would you use to comfort a friend going through hard times?
Depends on the issue, but I would say every song, except maybe “Immigrant Song” (*Led Zeppelin cover), but…you never know what exactly you need right now. Let it be “Bloody tears”.
Which song from ‘Nature Unleashed’ would you best work as a theme song for a series about your life?
“Sacrifice” – but…honestly, I free the demon after release, now I’m wandering somewhere around cosmos vibes. I mean I start to create the conception of the next album;)
Aliens from outer space invaded Earth and it was discovered that their only weakness is that their brains explode when they hear heavy riffs. Which song from ‘Nature Unleashed’ would you lead the fight against the invaders with?
“Nature Unleashed”!!! That’s for sure! Then we destroy them with “Black Horse” and for the last, control attack burn out them with “Monster’s Feeling”.
Which song from ‘Nature Unleashed’ would you use to show someone who never heard The End of Melancholy before what your music is like?
“Genesis”, the song from the debut album “Paradox Intention”
Thank you for playing, Olly, hope you enjoyed it! What is one treasured music-related memory that you like to keep visiting in your mind and that makes you smile?
An awesome show with “Motionless in white” as we were supporting them for their first come in Russia. A very cool show in a wonderful France. Actually, in every country we have ever visited there are sweet moments cause of amazing people who came to our show. I’m grateful for every great moment with the audience.
We’re in 2021 and unfortunately, despite all the progress we’ve made, we still hear about people dealing with sexism, racism, or other forms of discrimination around the world. Have you ever dealt with any kind of discrimination?
My song “Black Horse” is about it. I was bullied at school because I listen to “Marilyn Manson”, “Slipknot”, “Kittie”, wore black and merch of these bands and always writing poems, stories between the classes or during…They found it “Weird”. Actually, I was nice to the people, in general, don’t make rituals with the cats or other bullshit. They want me I’m hanging out with them and talking shit about other people, fight with them to have a dumb authority towards other…groups I don’t know. And when I said “no, leave me alone in my world, please” – they think that they are smarter and stronger than me and they start to laugh at me, at my friends, following you know and a couple of dark stories. But it’s impossible with me. I was sad but realized that I can handle it. Obvious they are dumb, not me. Then I created a band and leave the town and it was the best decision I made. So great we have Saint-Petersburg in Russia.
What advice would you give to your younger fans who might be dealing with it?
Keep fighting. It’s a fucking jungle. The strongest will survive. Also, I highly recommend looking for a friend with the same interests, visions of life. But sometimes, in my case…it’s impossible to find a soulmate. Honestly, I didn’t find it, but I got my art, my band, fans and that’s my spring life. So if you’re lucky to find a soulmate, love during a hard period – it’s great but if not – you’re lucky too, cause there are many sources of art. Chaos is actually can be friendly. Be creative, listen to good music or create it by yourself and give up no matter what.
Finally, are you planning for any tours or gigs anytime soon where your fans will get to listen to songs from ‘Nature Unleashed’ live?
As soon as possible, we booked a tour in Europe, just have to reschedule it twice…constantly work to come to the US…I hope for 2022 as the whole world. I know we’ll handle it.
Thank you for the interview, Olly! It was an absolute pleasure.
Thank you so very much for the talk, I really love the questions.

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