What is FemMetal?

FemMetal (Feminist Metal) is a online feminist music website with the main goal of promoting female musicians in the genres that fall under Metal and Rock.

Why Women and Why Metal and Rock?

From the dawn of history, women have been mistreated in almost every society. From female infanticide to witch hunts, the world has been anything but fair to women. Even today and in the most advanced societies, many legislations attempt to control and limit women. Advertisements, mainstream media, and some societies try to sexualize women. Therefore, there has always been, and there still is, a huge war to fight against misogyny.

Moreover, Rock and later Metal have always been a voice for the voiceless and a platform for beliefs that go against the current to be sounded. At the same time, and since Metal and Rock and associated with power and aggressiveness, many fans of the genre have tried to exclude or even attack female rockers and metallers. And since we are fans of Metal and Rock, we have decided to fight this war against misogyny by promoting women in Metal and Rock, as they represent the strength and aggressiveness any human being needs to fight any form of discrimination.

What do we do?

We promote female Rock and Metal musicians by supporting them through features (news, interviews, reviews, reports).

Our editors also speak up against feminist issues and celebrate achievements made by women at events such as International Women’s Day.

We try to connect through our social media with fans of different bands together through events such as Interview with the Fans and Fandoms at War. We also honor musicians who have been remarkable with their releases every year in FemMetal Awards.

FemMetal Team

Alexandra S.

Co-founder, Columnist

Mauro Parozzi


Shannon Wilk

Writer, Photographer

Benedetta baldin

Columnist, Writer

Niki Mustakissa


Silvio Colombo


Vanessa K

Columnist, Writer

Debora Corti


Reuel Way

Co-founder, Editor

Taylor Cameron

Writer, Photographer

Former Team Members

Betty Triangle

Eliana P

Mirk Wood


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