The registration period for Metalympics 2022 has started yesterday. Fans can go to the Metalympics 2022 page and pledge for fandoms, stating at the time the name of the band they would like to be part of the fandom of, with their personal information. Similar to previous years, the fandoms with the most pledges will qualify for the Metalympics game.

This year’s capacity is 20 teams, less than the previous editions of the competition. However, due to the new league format of the game, all teams will be able to participate until the end of the event.

When filling out the registration form, players can state whether they’d like to be team captains. A team captain has to decide the nickname of the fandom team as well as the team emblem. Captains will be chosen by the game maker with the advantage being for influencers who run fan clubs or fan pages, or their participation in previous FemMetal events.

You can read more about the Metalympics on this page.

Click here to go to the registration page.

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