Metalympics 2022 will be the fourth edition of the annual FemMetal game event. The purpose of the event is to bring fans together to have fun, communicate, learn and get to know new bands. We try not to take ourselves too seriously with the competition and mostly have fun with challenges and games. You will earn points for your team by solving quizzes and completing challenges and games. Team members do not need to communicate or know each other, although we do encourage that, as the teams are based on fandoms for Metal and Rock bands.

How to play?

1. Registration

To ensure your favourite band’s fandom has a team challenging in the event, you must pledge to the fandom by registering yourself. In order to do so, go to the event page, and fill out the form with your name or alias, the name of the band, and your email. If you would like to be a team captain, check the box indicating so. We will choose the team captain based on the person’s influence and previous participation in FemMetal events. The registration period ends on July 3rd. The 20 teams with the most pledges will qualify for the Metalympics games.

2. The Titles

This year and for the first time, there will be two titles given in the Metalympics. The main competition is the Metalympics League, where the 20 teams will be placed in a league table. The players will win points for their teams to rank them higher on the table. The whole competition is divided into four phases. At the end of the third phase, the top four teams in the table will qualify for the second competition, the Metalympics Cup. In the cup, the qualified teams will play in a knockout semi-final and final to determine the winner.

3. Making points for your team

You can make points for your team either by playing games or completing quests.

Metalympics Games:

The Quizzes

As always, the main feature of Metalympics will be the Metal and Rock trivia quizzes. Other categories will also be added for each phase during the games. The other categories will include TV and Cinema Trivia, Garbage Music Trivia (featuring pop culture 4 chords merchants), Who Said The Quote, and The FemMetal Trivia. There is no limit on how many quizzes the players can attempt and no limit on the points made through quizzes.

Challenge the Gamemaker

This year, players will have the chance to win tickets to challenge the Gamemaker in one of the many 1vs1 mini-games in the application Plato. Bankroll, Pool, Table Soccer, Bowling, and Sea Battle are a few of the games available on Plato. Limited to one challenge per player per day, and three per team, this game will give you chance to score more points for your team and have some extra fun.

Metalympics Quests:

The quests are a way to make big points for your team. There will be four quests that will always be available throughout the competition, and others that will be added and removed for each phase.

The Treasure Hunt

Follow clues and solve mysteries and puzzles to find a treasure. Present the treasure to the Gamemaker for a great sum of points for your team. Limited to one solve per team, The Treasure Hunt is a chance for team members to cooperate and solve the mysteries together.

Support an Artist

Make any merch or music purchase to support a new band, and show the Gamermaker proof to win points. Limited to three per player or team, this is one quest that would earn you some big points and help a musician at the same time. The list of conditions for eligible musicians will be revealed later.

Donate to help and save animals in Ukraine

Human beings are not the only ones paying the price of man’s greed in the aggression against Ukraine. Many pets are in need of urgent food and shelter. Luckily, many brave women and men are helping these pets find a safe haven. Donate to one of the organizations aiding animals in Ukraine and win points for your team. A list of the said organizations will be available when the event begins. Limited to two per player and ten per team.

Make a Purchase at Legion

FemMetal’s official store Legion features merch with feminist messages, or just showing love for music. Make any purchase from the Legion store to win points for your team. Limited to two per player and five per team.

Other Quests

Other quests will be available temporarily for each phase. The quests will be announced in time.

Event Calendar

The registration period ends on the 3rd of July. The first phase of the event begins on the 9th of July. Each of the first three phases will last for four days, with a one-day break on the 17th of July between the second and third phase. At the end of the third phase, the top four teams will qualify to play the Metalympics Cup, which will be played in a knockout form in match that will last 24 hours for the semi-finals and 48 for the final. The matches will be played during the first four days of the five-days fourth phase, seeing a team crowned as the Metalympics Cup champion. Points scored for the teams in the cup will also be counted in the League table. The event ends on the 26th of July with a champion crowned as the winner of the Metalympics League.

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.