On the 4th of August, Fandoms at War was concluded, and the winner was the fandom of Amaranthe, a.k.a. Amaranthians. I have to say, administrating this competition was very hard. I had to think of hundreds of questions, create “mysteries”, and give out quests to players. But it was also so much fun! And to keep a diary of the fun we had during Fans of War 2020, here is an article full of stats and a summary for the whole competition. Hope you enjoy reading this report on Fandoms At War 2020.

Championship Summary

Top 3 Teams

The Group Stage

Group A

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Group B

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Group C

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Group D

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Group E

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Group F

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Group G

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Group H

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Round of 16

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Quarter Finals

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Now after we summed up the competition results, here are some stats to know about the players, the quizzes and teams.

General Statistics

Total quizzes played6,886
Top scoring team in all roundsAmaranthians
Top scoring playerBenedetta Baldin (Constellations)
Total points earned in all quizzes558,123
Average points per quiz81.05

Top Scoring Teams

Top Scorers (Total points)
Top Scorers (Average per match played)

Top Players Countries


Final Message

Now that this has come to an end, and the Fandoms At War won’t be mentioned until next year, our next major event at FemMetal is going to be everyone’s favourite FemMetal Awards. In case you are a stranger to what FemMetal is, visit our about page and learn more. In case you’re not a stranger, let us ride one more time with this FemMetal quiz! Check out how much you know about FemMetal! Don’t hesitate to share your score with us on by messaging us on Instagram or Facebook.

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