Best of Fandoms At War 2021 – Statistics, facts and more!

Fandom At War 2021, the third edition of the competition that began in 2019, ended with VoA Sailors, the fans-team of Visions of Atlantis, to be crowned as champions.

The competition, like every year, had great moments, as players competed so that their band’s flag waves high. Here is the best of Fandoms At War 2021!


Total number of quizzes played5324
Average score79.7
Total number of players174
Players’ countries41
First quiz played byEmmanuel Hernández
Last quiz played byJulia

Top 10 Players

2JohnySmoon Babies59,354
3Emmanuel HernándezVoA Sailors48,470
4CarlaThe Immortals48,470
5VanessaVoA Sailors36,706
6JuliaVoA Sailors34,756
7MustakissaOcean Souls24,160
9ElianaUnicorns United11,020
10MarinaSmoon Babies10,006

Best Memes

Sent by Emmanuel Hernandez
Sent by Mel


Finally, in case you missed the competition or would enjoy a trip down to memory lane, here’s a quiz you can play taken from all the questions that were in all categories of the war.


1 / 10

Who is the newest member of Evanescence?

Question Image

2 / 10

Who is the musician in this image?

Question Image

3 / 10

Chlorophyll is a ______?

Question Image

4 / 10

How long did the Babylonian siege of Tyre, led by Nebuchadnezzar II, last?

Question Image

5 / 10

What was the name of Alexander the Great's illegitimate son?

Question Image

6 / 10

Who is the actress seen in the picture above?

Question Image

7 / 10

If sin (α) = 3 and cos (α) = 4, then tan (α) = ___?

Question Image

8 / 10

Which actress portrays Jake Peralta's love interest in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Question Image

9 / 10

Solve for x.

x = ln (3/e)

Question Image

10 / 10

Which Arch Enemy music video is this screenshot taken from?

Question Image

Your score is


See you next year for another war!

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