On the 12th of July 2021, we have determined which team will be in which group for the group stages of Fandoms At War 2021. The draw was livestreamed live on YouTube. You can re-watch the live draw below and see the how the groups for FAW 2021 will look like.

Group A
Smoon Babies (Epica Fans)
Hailstormers (Halestorm Fans)
Men In Grey (The Hellfreaks Fans)
Masked Monsters (SCARLET Fans)
Group B
Orphans (The Agonist Fans)
Unicorns United (Alia Tempora Fans)
Chaos Army (Once Human Fans)
The Suiters (Reality Suite Fans)
Group C
Galaxies (MoonSun Fans)
The Butchers (Butcher Babies Fans)
Nemesis (Arch Enemy Fans)
Independenz (Null Positiv Fans)
Group D
VoA Sailors (Visions of Atlantis Fans)
Coilers (Lacuna Coil Fans)
Team Rock N’ Roll (The Pretty Reckless Fans)
Black Crystals (Ancient Bards Fans)
Group E
Jinjerians (Jinjer Fans)
Ocean Souls (Nightwish Fans)
The Enemies (Enemy Inside Fans)
Fairy Tale Army (Snow White Blood Fans)
Group F
Amaranthians (Amaranthe Fans)
The Purge (Within Temptation Fans)
BTB Army (Beyond the Black Fans)
Archers (Unleash the Archers Fans)
Group G
Infected Team (Infected Rain Fans)
Team Witches (Burning Witches Fans)
Scarlets United (Scarlet Aura Fans)
The Cycos (Sumo Cyco Fans)
Group H
The Immortals (Evanescence Fans)
Morphidians (Morphide Fans)
Monsters (In This Moment Fans)
Imperial Army (Imperial Age Fans)
Mirk Wood

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