The event that brings together fans of many Rock and Metal bands to play, solving trivia quizzes, has returned for a third year.

Fandoms At War takes a similar form to that of the World Cup in football. For the following weeks, fans will be able to register their band’s fandom. The top 32 registered fandoms will find themselves in four pots based on their seeding in the registration phase. A team will be drawn from each pot to form eight groups in which the fandoms will compete during the group stage.

During the Group Stage players will have to solve quizzes in order to earn points for their fandom. The top 2 teams from each group qualify to the knockout stages, playing one vs. one until a champion is crowned. A new way to get points will be introduced at the knockout stages, as players will be able to solve challenges to earn their fandom a big amount of points.

The first version of Fandoms at War was won by Epica’s fans, whereas last year’s edition saw the Amaranthians (Amaranthe fans) crowned champions. Will Epica fans retake their title? Will Amaranthians succeed in defending it? Or will we see a new fandom crowned this year?

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.