Australian Native and one of Frontier Records latest additions, Cassidy Paris is ready to rock the world with her debut album “New Sensation”. At just 20 years old, Paris has delivered a rock album of maturity and substance. Influenced by the likes of Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Joan Jett and Avril Lavigne, Paris follows brilliantly in these badass womens footsteps. Her fierce attitude and determination are sure to help carry the next generation of rock music. 

The album kicks off with ‘Danger’, the lead single off “New Sensation”. A catchy guitar riff grips your attention within seconds, Paris’ warm and bright vocals solidifying this track. A big chorus, loud drums, squealing guitars and the perfect backing vocals, Paris has created a track that feels as though it came straight out of 1989 in the best way. 

With a fire lit under her, Paris has created the perfect album to inspire a new generation of musicians. Up next is the light hearted ‘RNR Hearts’, a track with a Tyketto meets Halestorm sound. Mixing nostalgic and new influences seamlessly to create a sound of her own, something Paris does flawlessly throughout the entire album. 

The second single ‘Walking On Fire’, a stand out track on “New Sensation”, has the perfect free spirited attitude every hard rock song needs. Memorable hooks, lyrics, and a guitar solo that’s filled with the ideal 80s sound, ‘Walking On Fire’ will have you singing and head banging along after the first few listens. 

Switching gears into her punk-rock influences, ‘On The Bright Side’ and ‘Song For The Broken Heart’ show a different side of Paris’ musicality. Chunky guitars and powerful melody’s are paired perfectly with her pop vocals to deliver these 2000’s rock sounding tracks. Paris blends the right amount of her influences into the songs to keep things familiar but fresh and exciting with her own sound. Creating something that is totally her own and developing a sound with her own stamp on it. 

Slowing things down with a power ballad, ‘Stand’ shows a vulnerable side of Paris. The passionate vocal delivery and emotional lyrics present in the track are sure to raise goosebumps on your skin. The versatility on this album showcases Paris’ talent perfectly, solidifying her spot in the group of powerful female rockers who paved the pathway before her. 

Closing out the album on a high note, ‘Midnight Desire’ transports you back to the late 80s. With power chords, synths and atmospheric vocals, Paris paints the perfect picture of teased hair, acid wash denim and fast cars with her sound on this track alone. ‘Midnight Desire’ having everything you could want in a hard rock track and more, it is sure to quickly become a fan favorite. 

A strong album from start to finish, Paris has curated a diverse and magnetic album that is sure to set the rock world ablaze. This may be just the beginning for Paris, but her journey is certainly one you will want to watch.

Taylor Cameron

Taylor Cameron, a multi-talented Canadian artist, finds inspiration in the fusion of metal and rock music with her keen eye for photography and her skillful pen as a writer. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Canada, Taylor has captured the raw energy and emotion of countless metal and rock performances through her lens. Her writings, both insightful and captivating, delve into the depths of the music, bringing fans closer to the heart and soul of their favorite bands. Taylor Cameron is a true connoisseur of the metal and rock world, sharing its stories and visuals with the world through her unique artistic perspective.