Sonia Anubis is a young and talented musician that many Metal fans were introduced to through her former band, Burning Witches, and her awesome guitar covers that she posts on her Facebook page and YouTube channel on which more than 35.5k people have subscribed to watch her videos that receive tens of thousands of views.

We had the wonderful chance to interview Sonia Anubis, Dutch guitarist of the bands Crypta and Cobra Spell, and chat about her upcoming projects with these two bands, as well as her ideas and thoughts on different things. We hope you enjoy the interview.


Hello Sonia! How are you doing during these hard days?
Hey there! Thanks for having me, I am doing very well these days! Playing a lot of guitar, writing and recording a lot of music. Love it!
Most of your fans including myself are excited about your new band, Crypta, that also includes Fernanda Lira, Tainá Bergamaschi and Luana Dametto. How is work on your debut album as Crypta going?
Honestly since the beginning of this band, working together with these girls has been nothing but fantastic. Even since we are in such a distance of each other, the communication has been great and the progress on our songwriting flowed very well and naturally. We have a nice connection between each other! Love them!
At a very young age, you already have left a mark on the Metal scene through your previous and current projects. What are the dreams you have as a musician that are yet to come true? 
My main dream is to inspire people and to make people happy. Aside of that I dream about touring around the world, playing big festivals, play shows in front of a big cheery audience and simply to be able to make a living out of it. I hope my future music will make an impact in some kind of positive way!
Do you remember the first time you played for a live audience? How did it feel and what is your favourite memory out of it?
I remember it very well, my first performance was in Osnabruck, Germany. Together with one of my previous bands named Ecocide, a old school death metal band in which I played bass guitar for. I remember being very nervous but extremely excited for it. Once on the stage, my nerves totally went away. It felt magical and very natural at the same time, like a huge adrenaline kick. And I was knowing and hoping to have this more times in my life. I love playing concerts!
My second favourite thing after Metal is mythology and lore, and you happen to be into Egyptian mythology in particular. So how about we play a small game as we always do in FemMetal interviews?

Deities in ancient civilizations had certain roles to play. And we all have certain people or things in our lives that play important roles. So I will mention an Egyptian deity and you would have to associate this deity with someone or something that best fits the role they play.
Hathor, goddess of the sky, was also the goddess of music and joy, often called “the mistress of music”. Which band or musician would you consider as your Hathor? An artist you always go to when you want to hear music you love?
I’d say the band KISS, has been there for me since the beginning of my passion for music and I consider them as my biggest inspiration! Whenever I listen to their music it always make me feel very happy and uplifted.
Thoth was the god of wisdom. Who is your Thoth, someone you always go to for advice when you want to make a decision?
When I need advice about something meaningful, I will always discuss it together with my father. He is very intelligent and helps me a lot with decision-making!
Ra is the god of the sun and in some accounts, the creator. What topics and environments inspire you to create and make music most?
I get very inspired when I listen to music that I love, when I feel happy/optimistic and certain aesthetics inspire me too, such as the 80s retro. The forest inspires me a lot too.
Horus, the god of the sky and kingship, had the Eye of Horus as a symbol of protection among other things. When you’re having negative thoughts, what would you say is like the Eye of Horus to you, something that protects you against these thoughts?
My boyfriend is my biggest support and helps me out a lot in moments when I feel down. He always manages to make me feel more confident and better. He is absolutely precious and I am lucky to have him in my life!
Finally, and we can’t go without this one, Anubis, god of death and mummification. Growing up many things about our personalities change. What about your personality would you say has died as you grew up, and what is one trait about yourself that you’d like to “mummify” or preserve?
Something that has died: I used to be more careless when I was little. Didn’t think much about consequences and didn’t worry much about the little things. Amongst my teenage years, I have become a person that thinks and plans a lot in forward and worries a LOT about details, to the point where my overthinking sometimes becomes crazy! Haha.

Something that I preserved: I have always been very driven and motivated with whatever I am passionate with. If I did something, I always wanted to succeed with it and do it the best way possible. I always have that immense energy that makes me want to follow my dreams and make my “mental vision” of the future become reality.
Thank you for playing Sonia! Hope that wasn’t too geeky. 😂
Final question. Have you ever been treated with sexism? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young girls who live in cultures that oppress them and prevent them from pursuing their dreams?
I think in general, women that put themselves out there with their talent will always face sexism in some kind of way these days. Which is a very sad truth that can’t be denied. To my own experience, most of these people are always shitposting hate on the internet, the best way to react to this is to NOT react to it. People that spread hate towards a gender should be ignored, because their toxic expression is a scream for attention, all they want to be heard. And we shouldn’t spend a minute of our time on those toxic people. The best we can do is look at the bright side, and spend attention on the actual supportive and good people!
Thank you for the interview Sonia! I can’t wait to hear your new stuff with Crypta. Good luck and godspeed!
Thank you so much again for having me and to the readers for reading, it was a pleasure answering your questions! We are dying to show the world what we have to offer with Crypta and we can’t be more thankful on all the support that we have been receiving from people around the world. Please stay tuned to our pages in FB and Insta for any upcoming news for sure! Stay safe and brutal y’all!

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