The 2023 version of the FemMetal Awards was full of interesting figures. The awards were named in tribute to 12 women in science.

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With the winners of each category now announced, it is time to announce the full results while taking a look at some interesting figures and facts from the 6th FemMetal Awards.

The Results

Chaulmoogra Award: Best Breakthrough Metal Act

Total Votes: 1,136

Neurogenesis Award: Best Breakthrough Rock Act

Total Votes: 1,235

Fossil Award: Best Release by a Breakthrough Act

Total Votes: 1,235

Genetic Award: Best Write-In Act

Total Valid Votes: 207

Top 3:

Celestial Award: Best Rock / Metal Influencer

Total Votes: 1,244

Apollo Award: Best Vocals

Total Votes: 1,455

Cosmic Award: Best Brutal Vocals

Total Votes: 1,285

Metamorphosis Award: Best Instrument Player

Total Votes: 1,309

Symmetry Award: Best Music Video

Total Votes: 1,430

Logic Award: Best Album

Total Votes: 1,501

Helical Award: Best Rock / Alternative Act

Total Votes: 1,421

Radiation Award: Best Metal Act

Total Votes: 1,440


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Reuel Way

Being a feminist has been normalized as an irregularity through our patriarchal society, so I'd rather be called a "decent human" than a "feminist man". I breathe Metal and Rock and have a screwed-up sense of humour.