The 2023 album “New Sensation” by Australian rocker Cassidy Paris has been voted Best Release by a Breakthrough Act in FemMetal Awards 2023. “New Sensation” was released late in 2023, as Cassidy Paris treated her fans with 11 tracks of exciting Rock music. “New Sensation” received more than 26% of the votes in the category dedicated to albums and EPs released by new and young acts.

The other nominees for this category were:

  • Amnesiak – “Amnesiak
  • Conspiracy Of Blackness – “Pain Therapy”
  • Dreamyth – “Aletheia”
  • Ewiniar – “Another World”
  • lolitslea – “Happy Never Ending”
  • Mystfall – “Celestial Vision”
  • Never Obey Again – “The End Of An Era”
  • Piper – “What Is The Heart For?”
  • Stellvris – “Persistence”
Reuel Way

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