“Pirates” by Visions of Atlantis has won the Tefnut Award for Best Album in 2022! The eighth album by the Austrian band, and the third in the Clémentine Delauney-era, received the most votes among a group of Metal and Rock albums that made 2022 a remarkable landmark for some bands and music fans. With “Pirates”, Visions of Atlantis continued to sail freely into the hearts of Symphonic Metal fans!

We invite you to listen to “Pirates” if you haven’t yet.

The nominees for Best Album were:

  • After Evolution – War of the Worlds
  • Allen/Olzon – Army of Dreamers
  • Arch Enemy – Deceivers
  • Angel Nation – Antares
  • April Art – Pokerface
  • Charlotte Wessels – Tales from Six Feet Under Vol. II
  • Halestorm – Back From The Dead
  • Infected Rain – Ecdysis
  • Once Human – Scar Weaver
  • The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Trust No Leaders
  • Victoria K – Kore
  • Visions Of Atlantis – Pirates

The winner was announced by VoA Sailors fan club member Verena

Reuel Way

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