Bya de Paula, Brazilian journalist, visual artist, drummer, and photographer made this wonderful documentary about female drummers. The documentary is in Portuguese but subbed in English.

Bya is the drummer of Metal band K’harut who released their debut single lately.

Watch the documentary on youtube


Drummers: Voices of Rhythm

History tells us that since ancient times women have taken part in music rituals, mainly through playing percussion. However, women’s role throughout the years has suffered several changes due to socio-cultural factors. The film discusses the role of the contemporary female drummer, through interviews with drummers living in the south of Brazil, playing in musical scenes as different as rock ‘n roll, gospel, heavy metal, funk, electronic, punk rock, regional music, that state their interactions with the social environment where they live. They highlight an effect of social strangeness perceived in their profession, discuss their strive with genre-related questions and reveal the struggles that surround being a woman and a drummer. The film also regards the testimony of researchers in the fields of musicology, social communication and genre studies.

Bya de Paula
Mirk Wood

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