American guitarist Nita Strauss won the Best Instrument Player category in the FemMetal Awards 2023.

Nita Straus, known for being the touring guitarist of Alice Cooper, released a new solo album this year entitled “The Call of the Void”, for which she was also nominated for several other categories in FemMetal Awards 2023. The sensational guitarist received an astounding 41.1% of the votes on this category, which also included Hella (Lordi), Jéssica Di Falchi (Crypta), Katija Di Giulio (Eternal Silence), Obscura (Asagraum), Olivia Jean, Prika Amaral (Nervosa), Sam Mobley (Frozen Soul), Sophie Lloyd and Tainá Bergamaschi (Crypta).

Congratulations to Nita Strauss and her fans!

Reuel Way

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