To dive into the darkness is to take a shot into the unknown, is to drink from a mysterious cup; to jump into the void; to swim into the abyss without any oxygen. It’s an exciting debacle with unidentifiable results that allows the thrill to run up your spine and ignite every synopsis in your brain. That’s what happened at Druso (Bergamo, Northern Italy) on the night of February 24th: a journey into the void guided by three bands who embroiled everyone with their enchanting sound. The photos are, as usual, by our very own Silvio Colombo. A big thank you to Druso for hosting us and for their kindness and cooperation!

Hellfox – the crowning of a dream

To open for Deathless Legacy must be nerve-wracking on its own, let alone if that has been your secret dream since childhood. But as soon as they step foot on the stage, the ladies of Hellfox take control of the narrative and inflamed the club with powerful vocals and strong riffs. Most of the crowd, who did not know them yet, is left pleasantly surprised by the end of their set. Their crown jewel is, without any doubt, their power ballad “Nothing Really Ends”. A big shoutout to Priscilla, the bassist, whose growls and perfectly rhythmed notes never missed a beat.


  1. Our Lady of Sorrows
  2. Haunted
  3. Rising
  4. Nothing Really Ends
  5. Rebirth
  6. Your Name
  7. Dead Star
  8. Bleeding Machine

Nocturna – perfection in motion

The second band is already more affirmed, and a curtain of mystery is lowered on the stage as three masked figures take place beside their instruments. A beat of silence, a complicit look, and the Nocturna show begins. Then a voice, ethereal, accompanies a woman that walks on stage with purpose; a new, warmer tone intertwines with the first one perfectly, and, not long after, another woman appears on stage. And the enchanting way they move will paralyze you. Every eye in the audience is on them, Rehn and Grace, who dance and sing as if they were one, all the while maintaining their own, fundamental individuality. It’s a perfect mix of gentle motions and decisive vocals. It’s a glorious show meant to drive you away from your own thoughts, forcing you to just enjoy the moment. That’s the secret greatness of a well-done live performance: the capacity to inspire emotions that are just as essential as they are fleeting. I applaud them.


  1. Intro – Spectral Ruins
  2. New Evil
  3. Sea of Fire
  4. Blood of Heaven
  5. Darkest Days
  6. The Sorrow Path
  7. The Trickster
  8. In This Tragedy
  9. Daughters of the Night

Deathless Legacy – the charm of the dark

What’s more fascinating than a beautiful woman singing crystalline vocals while asking you to join her in the infernal kingdom? A beautiful woman accompanied by skilled and talented musicians that ask us to join them in the infernal kingdom, better known as Deathless Legacy. The band has a decade of experience in music and live shows, and this is a key factor when it comes to entertainment. As a matter of fact, their performance was focused mainly on their latest release, “Mater Larvarum”, and they all invited the fans to visit their merchandise corner to support them even more. And they frankly deserve all the support they can get: they have captured every single person in the audience like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Deathless Legacy doesn’t just play music, they are 360 degrees, pure artists.


  1. Ora Pro Nobis
  2. Rituals of Black Magic
  3. Queen of the Infernal Pantheon
  4. Your Blood is Mine
  5. Absolution
  6. Altar of Bones
  7. Litch
  8. Legion of the Night
  9. Moonless Night
  10. The Coven
  11. Dominus Inferi
Debora Corti

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” - Marie Curie