Climate anxiety concerns us more often.

The seasons are different than in our childhood. There is news about floods and huge forest fires from around the world. These are only some of the impacts from everyday life, which sound scary. We can agree that the world would be better with the old snowy December days with sleighing and without the extinction of our favourite animals. Instead of panicking, I collected some low waste and environmentally friendly tips with a playlist from female-fronted Metal songs about the topic. Many a little makes a mickle.

Change Your Diet

It is proven that a vegan diet is more environmentally friendly. Honestly, I am really into eating chicken and my habits with food are tragic. However, you can start with small decisions. Try having one or two vegan days a week, or try eating meat in one fewer meal a day. People can get bored from eating the same food for a long time, so it would be a nice way to try new ingredients and recipes.

Easy on the Bars

I am sure you love sweets like me. Cocoa travels thousands of kilometres to get to the shelves of a supermarket. If you still want to live with these sins sweet tastes, you can buy them in package-free shops, if that’s unavailable in your area. Otherwise, you can buy chocolate bars packed with recyclable material, such as aluminium foil or paper.

Save SpongeBob

Use toilet paper sacks for garbage bags, Luffa sponge instead of SpongeBob. Natural detergents and cosmetics like solid shampoo are super cute and you can buy it from small local businesses or why do not you do it by yourself.

Tip for That Time of the Month

Boys, you can skip this paragraph. 👉👈

The period is a taboo topic in some places, but here I am telling you the gospel. Textile pads and menstruation cups are some of the best inventions in the world. Cup allows you to do everything, like swimming in the sea with the convenience of you can even forget that you are in those bad days (it also reduces the pain somehow). Your wallet will be very grateful because you can use the same equipment for a decade!

Recycle what you can – wisely!

Fortunately, recycling bins are available almost everywhere. Many people, though, do not use them properly. Read the rules of your local cleaning company. In my country, for example, waste is sorted by workers. So you can make their work easier if you know the rules and not throw your used tissue into the papers. (Ohh, plus one place where you can use the textile option for decades instead of paper).


Composting conjures the organic waste into a homemade fertilizer for your plants. Natural wastes like rotten tomatoes are made of organic chemicals and they will end up making methane gas in the dump. If you do not have a garden, be open to the social composts in your neighbourhood. Google where you can find them and do not forget to read the rules about what you can throw into them.

Finally, I recommend watching some David Attenborough movies. Did you know that Nightwish asked him to perform on their album “HVMAN.:||:NATVRE.”, but he declined because of his lack of free time?

You can find these songs on our new Spotify playlist. Do you know any other songs about saving our planet? Leave a comment with your advice.

Photo by Markus Spiske.

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