“The Purge” by Within Temptation has won the category for the best music video that was released last year. Within Temptation’s music video for “The Purge” was released at the end of 2020, placing it in the scope of this year’s awards. This category encourages voters to focus on the visuals and cinematics and their relationship with the song in music videos and not only the music.

Within Temptation won by just ONE vote!

Below is the voiting outcome for Best Music Video:

The Purge – Within Temptation20.1
The Skeleton Key – Epica19.9
Vortex – Jinjer13.5
Abyss of Time – Epica11.4
Remnants In Time – The Agonist8.7
And So It Went – The Pretty Reckless7.7
Weakness and Lust – Blackbriar5.1
Yorktown – Butcher Babies4.0
Mediator – Jinjer3.9
Slain by Silence – MoonSun3.0
Erased – Astray Valley1.7
Firehearts – Astray Valley1.0
Mirk Wood

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