Epica’s “Omega” received the highest number of votes in the polls of FemMetal Awards 2021 and has subsequently won the category of Best Album released in the last year.

“Omega” was released in February 2021, featuring singles such as Abyss of Time, Rivers, and The Skeleton Key. It is Epica’s eighth studio album and was released via Nuclear Blast.

With Omega, Epica would be winning their second category in FemMetal Awards 2021, after Simone Simons won Best Vocals.

The results of the Best Album poll were as follows:

Epica27.6 %
Temperance22.7 %
Charlotte Wessels10.7 %
Jinjer9.7 %
Nervosa9.7 %
Crypta5.3 %
Blackbriar4.0 %
Seven Spires3.1 %
Burning Witches2.3 %
Phantom Elite2.1 %
Scarlet Aura1.8 %
Sumo Cyco1.1 %
Mirk Wood

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