Following the release of last year’s “Heavy Lies the Crown” EP, Bloody Unicorn returns with a first stand-alone single entitled “Make Me Your Villain“, accompanied by a lyric video by Andrea Mantelli. The artwork is by the talented illustrator Kre Fenrir Art, who gave the right image to the lyrics.

The single features new bassist Ivano Lo Iacono for the first time and celebrates the entry as a permanent member of guitarist Stefano Mancini, both strong components of the sonic tones of this new track.

Following are the band’s comments:

Make Me Your Villain is the first song where I actively contributed to the composition, other than the vocal lines and lyrics. I think it’s our turning point and I can’t wait to let the audience hear it!” – Irene ‘Eva’ Scapin

When I started writing the guitar and orchestra parts for a new Bloody Unicorn piece, it was a bit like going back to being that kid at his first music lesson all those years ago. Above all, I tried to have fun and entertain my fellow adventurers without thinking too much about the technical aspects. I look forward to sharing our music with you as well.“- Lorenzo Telve

This piece hints at a precise and defined imprint of what is the current “chemistry” of the band. One thing has not changed: the desire to rock at live shows! And you can feel it here! It’s going to be a year full of surprises!” – Michael Callegaro

Make me your villain was the first track I composed for the guys. It is a track that shows the work that Bloody Unicorn has matured over the last few years, and as far as I’m concerned it was a great calling card, both for me and for those who will listen to the new proposals that the band is ready to show.“-Ivano Lo Iacono

Already from the first demos of Make Me Your Villain, while writing the solo lines of the piece, it was very clear to me that this would be a break with Bloody’s past. A change of pace that, I hope, gives a clearer vision of who the Bloody Unicorns of 2024 are and where they want to go.”-Stefano Mancini

Make Me Your Villain” marks the true artistic turning point for Bloody Unicorn and composes a big piece of the puzzle that will be created in the band’s future. It will be premiered live on March 2 at Birreria San Giorgio in Costabissara (VI), opening for Chocobo Band and VallorcH.

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