It’s a chilly Tuesday night when fans from many European countries gather at the Santeria Toscana 31 in Milan to witness the performance of three fantastic metal bands. Delain, Illumishade, and Sinheresy welcome us to their “Dark Waters Over Europe Tour Act II”, and we were eager to report for you all from this event. The photos are by our very own Mauro Parozzi, and the report is by Deborah. We’d like to thank Samantha Chilli for her kindness and assistance in hosting us.


And since we’re in Italy, why shouldn’t we kick things off with an Italian band? Sinheresy started the night with an infectious burst of energy, despite facing some initial audio hiccups. The band’s dynamic stage presence quickly overshadowed the technical glitches, captivating the audience with their intense performance. As the set progressed, the audio mix improved, allowing the crowd to fully embrace the band’s fusion of metal and symphonic elements. Sinheresy‘s engagement with the audience further elevated the experience, creating a vibrant atmosphere that set a promising tone for the rest of the evening especially during “Out Of Connection“. They delighted us with songs from their older records as well as their latest release “Event Horizon”. We need to keep an eye on these guys, because they certainly have the potential of becoming something incredible in the future!


  1. The Calling
  2. Black Spirit
  3. My Only Faith
  4. The Life You Left Behind
  5. Zero One
  6. Out Of Connection
  7. Castaways


Punctually at 20:45, we just need to cross the border to land in the country of Switzerland, which has graced us with Illumishade. They are a rising force in the metal scene and took the stage with a remarkable display of musical prowess. The band’s performance was marked by exceptional cohesion, demonstrating a tight-knit group that seamlessly delivered their intricate compositions. It’s no wonder since lead singer Fabienne and guitarist Jonas already play together in Eluveitie. The audience, filled with devoted fans, responded enthusiastically to Illumishade‘s powerful sound and charismatic stage presence. With each song, the band solidified their status as a formidable presence, including in the setlist also the newly released songs “Cloudreader“, “Enemy” and “Here We Are“. Since their second full-length is about to be released next month, we are pretty sure that we will not be forgetting their names so soon, and that they will continue to astound and surprise us.


  1. Elegy
  2. Enemy
  3. Here We Are
  4. Crystal Silence
  5. Cloudreader
  6. Rise
  7. Muse of Unknown Forces
  8. Tales of Time
  9. World’s End


Headlining for the first time in Italy with their new lineup, Delain punctually delivered a solid performance that will be etched in the memories of fans. Visibly touched by the warm reception in Italy, Delain embraced their role as the main act, leaving the crowd in awe of their musical prowess and emotional depth. This is especially true for lead singer Diana: she expressed a personal connection to the song “Not Enough,” claiming that it is one of her favorites from the band’s discography. A funny moment happened after that song, because the audience chanted “Diana! Diana! Diana!” and guitarist Ronald asked her “So…. your name’s Diana?” to which Diana replied: “Yeah!” eliciting laughter in everybody. Furthermore, the inclusion of Paolo Ribaldini as a guest on several tracks added an extra layer of excitement, creating unforgettable moments during “Queen of Shadow,” “Your Body Is A Battleground,” “The Gathering,” “Control The Storm,” and “Sing To Me.” We must note that he had the enormous task of performing Hietala’s parts, and a risk was that he might’ve plagiarized his sound too much or completely ruined it. Instead, he simply sang with passion and heart, and the audience surely loved his genuine craft. Overall, the concert showcased the diverse talents of Sinheresy, the rising star power of Illumishade, and the triumphant return of Delain with their new lineup, making it a night to remember for metal enthusiasts in Italy.


  1. The Cold
  2. Suckerpunch
  3. Burning bridges
  4. The Quest and the Curse
  5. April Rain
  6. Get the Devil out of Me
  7. Sleepwalkers Dream
  8. Invidia
  9. Queen of Shadow
  10. Your Body Is A Battleground
  11. The Gathering
  12. Don’t Let Go
  13. Moth To a Flame
  14. Not Enough
  15. Mother Machine
  16. Control The Storm
  17. Sing To Me
  18. We Are The Others
Benedetta Baldin

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