Simone Simons has won the Best Vocals category in FemMetal Awards 2021. The Epica vocalist performed in her band’s early 2021 release, “Omega”, as the band also delivered a magnificent live streaming performance in “Omega Alive”. Epica is one of the bands with the most nominations in FemMetal Awards 2021 as they were also nominated for Best Band, Best Album, Best Song, and Best Music Video.

The vocalist of the Dutch Symphonic Metal giants received a bit more than 30% of the votes to secure a landslide victory in the award.

Here’s how the votes turned out on the Best Vocals poll:

Simone Simons30.9 %
Alessia Scolletti20.0 %
Charlotte Wessels11.0 %
Melissa Bonny8.7 %
Courtney LaPlante7.1 %
Taylor Momsen6.9 %
Anneke van Giersbergen5.4 %
Zora Cock4.5 %
Moriah Formica3.2 %
Liv Kristine2.4 %
Mirk Wood

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