Evanescence’s guitarist, Jen Majura, has won the Best Instrument Player award in FemMetal Awards 2021. Evanescence have released a new album, “The Bitter Truth”, earlier this year. This would be Majura’s first album with Evanescence, after joining the band in 2015. Jen Majura is also working on her side project, Something On 11, and has released two solo albums previously.

Here’s how the votes turned out on Best Instrument Player poll:

Jen Majura29.0 %
Merel Bechtold26.4 %
Prika12.8 %
Fernanda Lira8.9 %
Mia Wallace7.4 %
Eleni Nota5.5 %
Lizzy Siebenhofer5.4 %
Brooke Colucci4.6 %
Mirk Wood

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