New Jersey rockers, Reality Suite, are set to release ‘Triggers’, a new single with a music video, on February 5th, 2021. The single will become Reality Suite most recent music, following their 2019 album, ‘Awaken’. The upcoming single was mixed by Mike Ferretti, who previously worked with Sevendust and Saliva and was nominated for a Grammy two times.

‘Triggers’ will be released through DI Records and will be available on all platforms. Fans can pre-order the single since January 5th on this link.

FemMetal had the chance to listen to Triggers and write this short review about it.


Reality Suite is a band we love to talk about, simply because every time they put out a single, an EP, an album, or a live album, we can sense with clarity their passion and love for what they’re doing, and their continuous efforts to refine their sound and making it better than it already is. ‘Triggers’ is not a different case.

The song begins with a simple and slow melody that grows into the chorus, where Kimmii expresses the feelings in the lyrics with a strong and emotional voice. The bass and drums on this song are so damn good. The progression of the song is also very interesting as it continues to build up energy into the end, with a long and fantastic guitar solo being the icing on the cake.

Once again, Reality Suite has come up with a theme in their music that touches issues on the social level. ‘Triggers’ however, felt more personal and would sound to many fans as an inner voice they’d hear at certain stages in their life. It’s what some people call ‘the song talking to them directly’.

We strongly recommend ‘Triggers’ to Rock fans who would love a modern Rock sound that is as good as the Classic Rock sound.

Remember to check out Reality Suite’s social media to stay in touch with the band.

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