We had the pleasure to interview Nahir Villalba from the Argentinian Metal band, Arthemisia. Nahir is a talented drummer but we’ll let her tell you the rest! Enjoy.


Hello Nahir! How are you and the other members of Arthemisia doing these days?
We’ve been working on our new single that will be released soon called “Mercy For One” with an official video.
You are a drummer from Argentina. How would you describe the Rock and Metal scene in Argentina? 
The rock and metal scene in Argentina is very small, only local bands who play indie rock are a big deal in my country, but it is true that it’s evolving and growing much faster than a couple of years ago. 
You have released an EP, ‘Playing God’, with your band Arthemisia last year. Are you planning for a major release soon, like an album or another EP?
We will probably stick to singles for the moment since nowadays people don’t listen to full length albums as much as in the past. 
I hope you love memes. I have gathered these memes for you from Metal pages on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll ask you some questions based on them… 
Many drummers have posted that on social media. Do your bandmates make you wait that long? 😂 
Fortunately, my bandmates don’t take that long tuning because otherwise they will be beaten by my sticks (LOL)
This one is hilarious. I think drummers are heroes because I tried to learn drums once but I found it very hard to coordinate how my hands and legs are moving at the same time. 😂 Back when you were learning drums, what was the hardest thing you experienced?
The hardest thing I experienced was learning to play drums with different grips back then.
What drummers did you grow up looking up to and maybe inspired you to be a drummer yourself and were your ‘heroes’?
The drummers that inspired me the most were Vinnie Paul, Chris Adler, Jen Ledger and Meytal Cohen.
Not promoting violence, but what kind of people make you want to beat them with the sticks instead of your drums?
People that throw hate and make sexist comments.
Does playing drums help you release some stress due to the action involved? 
It definitely helps me destress and it even works as cardio.
Well, now we can go back to being serious. Joking, we’re going to play a game. We love to play a game called ‘In a World..’ so our readers can get to know the fun side of our guests. I’ll give you a scenario in an alternate universe and see how you’d handle it.
In a world where you’re in a Jazz band, what would the name of the band be?
I would call my jazz band “Tango Mango Orchestra”.
In a world where you are the supreme ruler, what interesting law would you make?
Free beer for everyone.
In a world where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what would Arthemisia’s music taste like?
Arthemisia would taste as an asado (barbecue).
In a world where you can pick a superpower, what would your superpower be?
I would choose mind control.
Finally, in a world where the currency is your sense of humor, how rich would you be? 
I would be a multimillionaire at this point.
Thank you for playing Nahir!
Have you ever experienced sexism? How would you face sexism?
I’ve experienced a lot of sexism throughout my career, so the way I handle it is not giving these people the attention that they are looking for. 

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