Ania Thomas is a young and talented musician from Los Angeles, USA. She recently released a new EP, entitled ‘Ania In Chains’. The EP shows the great potential Ania has as a songwriter and a performer. She also released a music video for her song Thursday, which you can watch through the link we included in the article.

We had the pleasure to chat with Ania and ask her about her music as well as getting to know her as a person.


Hello Ania, I’m happy to chat with you. How are you doing today?
I’m wonderful and you?
I’m great!
You have recently released 4 songs for your first EP. How are you feeling about the reaction these songs got so far? 
I think the reaction I received from people who listened to my EP has been positive. I received lots of love from people around the world for certain songs and I am glad that these weird creations(I refer to my songs) have touched other people’s lives. I also received critical feedback. This feedback will help me improve my overall skills as a musician, arranger, producer, and songwriter. The songs I am writing now are improvements, and even better than these from the EP!. Now looking back, this EP was a great practice of writing songs that helped me grow as an artist and person! 
That’s a great mentality.
Using non-technical words, how would you describe your sound and music to people who haven’t got to hear you yet? 
With the help of a friend we came up with: blending melodic aggressive female vocals, modern synth textures, and killer guitar solos. Angsty lyrics coming from a confused human living in the world of 2021, who dislikes control, capitalism and is trying to not become a part of the flawed system. 
To get our readers to know you better and from a different point of view, how about we play a little imagination game? I will give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’d have to react.
In a universe where your life is a series on Netflix with a Metal theme song, what would that song be?
I think the songs would be Hungar 18 by Megadeth or the guitar solo of Sails of Cheron by The Scorpions. I love the harmonic minor scale a lot used by Uli Jon Roth and I love the chord harmony of Hungar 18.. These songs create a scene of entering into a universe full of metalheads (similar to Garden of Eden for musicians) or alien cat lovers that love good rock music with rockstar life ideals. (NO everyday B.S. and problems) . An utopia made for musicians with great music taste.
That sounds like a In a universe where these senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what food would Ania in Chains taste like?
I think Ania in Chains would taste like a dark piece of chocolate.. Not any piece but very bitter.. Kinda you’re assuming to try a piece of 66% dark chocolate, but it ends up being 10% and it is so bitter that it twists your mouth. It is so dark, as the blackest coffee you have ever tried in your life. It is the darkest, bitterest, chocolate of chocolates very “metal” 😀 Here is a meme.. I hope you guys understand
Too bad I’m allergic to dark chocolate then 😂😂

In a universe where the currency used is the person’s sense of humour, how rich would you be?
I think I would probably be middle class.. Because not everybody understands my sarcastic sense of humor. Also, I believe my sense of humor is a little dry with too many music references and not everyone has good music taste in the world 🙁 (or is a musician xD). Normal, average people do not get it..
In a universe where music is illegal and you get sentenced as much years as you the number of albums you have as a physical copy, how many years would you be in jail for?
Geez.. I can’t live in a world like that.. At least 80 – 90 years. If not more.. Probably death sentence (I am not counting all the albums I left in Poland.. XD at my grandparents house)

Today, I still buy physical albums because my car does not have an aux chord, so in order for me to listen to good music I have to use my car’s CD player. I also have so many vinyl at home therefore I would be in jail till I die 🙁
Luckily that universe doesn’t exist (I think)
In a universe where you are a stand-up comedian instead of a musician, what would be a signature joke you’d tell?
I think my signature joke would be “shit happens..” haha good shit and bad shit.. Funny shit.. And weird shit.. Because that phrase can be used in any context.. 
“Oh your dog died.. Sorry man.. Shit happens…”
“You lost your ticket to see Justin Bieber”… shit happens.
You won 10,000 bucks! Nice.. shit happens..
“I just watched a full season of Rick and Morty.”  Oh well.. shit happens!
Thank you for playing, Ania!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
As females, we all have at one point dealt with misogyny. Based on the situation, I believe that you should not let someone mistreat you.. That is when you leave that environment or complain about it to someone over you (in your hierarchy of positions). Your safety should never be threatened.. Especially in work/educational environments. Please, please, please.. Create your own boundaries with people and do not take other peoples’ crap. 
Great advice!
You are still a young musician. What would you dream to achieve in your musical career?
Life Dream: Be able to live a comfortable life while making music!!
I want to write amazing songs that will live on forever while having life fulfillment. Along with that I want to buy my mother a pretty house and to have a balance of great career, family, and health.  

Other goals: Go on tour.. Release at least 5 albums(if not more),open my own studio,  collaborate with my favorite musicians, (Trent Raznor, Lita Ford, Heart, Dua Lipa, Donita Sparks, and others!), change the world, help humans, and lastly, open a music school in poorer parts of the world. 
Hope you achieve your all your dreams!
Thank you for the interview Ania! It has been a real pleasure!

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