April 1st is the day everyone lies, some for fun and pranks, others out of habit. However, one true thing that came out this April 1st was the true Metal debut album by Esperfall, “Origins In Darkness”. We had the chance to chat with the Hungarian band’s vocalist, Nóra Sima, and ask her about her feelings about the band’s new milestone reached with the release of the debut album, as well as get to know her and her band more. Here’s our interview with Nóra Sima!

Hello, Nóra. It’s lovely to chat with you. How are you and the rest of your band doing?
Thank you, we are doing fine. I’m glad I can chat with you, thank you for the opportunity!
You just released your debut album “Origins In Darkness”. How do you feel about the way your fans received it?
I’m absolutely amazed by all the love and kind words we are receiving every day. I’m really happy that more and more people are getting to know our music and they like what they hear. And of course, as a lyricist and singer, it’s really heartwarming that people can relate to the songs.
How would you describe your music to our readers that are yet to hear your music?
It’s intense, honest, fast, melodic, brutal but very very emotional.
In order to get to know you better and have some fun, how about we play a little nerdy game? I will set up some alternative universes and give you a scenario and a question about it. In a universe where you find yourself the queen of a kingdom, what would be the first legislation you’d make?
Pets could enter every store, cafè, mall, restaurant, etc.
In a universe where you can choose a superpower to possess, would you rather have the ability to teleport from one place to another, or the ability to read minds?
I’d like to teleport. It would be wonderful to visit every country and my favorite cities. There would be a quick pilgrimage every now and then to some locations I admire. So practical.
In a universe where you’re the statue of liberty, what object would you be holding instead of a torch?
A swan feather. I’m collecting feathers (ethically of course) so that would be my choice. Same with crystals. Or perhaps the statue would be a monumental piece of art made out of amethyst or aquamarine and it would be holding a feather 🙂
In a universe where people pay for things they buy by making people laugh, not money, how rich would you be considered?
I would have a decent life I guess. Yeah, pretty wealthy I would say. I can be a real goofball.
In a universe where the sense of taste and sense of hearing got somehow mixed up in the human body, what food would Esperfall’s music taste like?
It’s a very interesting question because I have synesthesia which is basically the same. I have multiple types of synesthesia for example I see sounds. Every sound. For me, music is the coolest CGI ever. So if I have to link music and taste, our music would be dark chocolate (very dark) with a pinch of Carolina Reaper and popping candy.
In a universe where a zombie apocalypse happened, would you most likely be hiding in a safe house, outside fighting the zombies, or already turned into a zombie?
Hiding. Protecting my pets. But fighting is very tempting too!
Thank you for playing along, Nóra! Hope you’ve enjoyed this! Do you remember the first time you performed in front of a live audience? How did it feel?
I don’t remember the feeling at all. I was 10 or 11 and it was a folk song singing contest. I won, that’s all I remember 🙂
Have you ever faced sexism? How would you deal when you’re faced with sexist behaviour and what advice would you give our young readers who deal with discrimination of any sort?
You know, a few years earlier I would have been extremely triggered by this. But now I ignore these comments. If it’s an in-person conversation I simply walk away without saying a word. Some people find this rude but I’m not willing to sacrifice my energy, time and inner peace to counter-balance a fabricated, narrow-minded and distorted point of view. I know my worth and I hope every girl and woman out there is aware of their own power and capabilities. There is no man, no job, no career that would be more important than yourself. Your mental and physical health. If you are the only one who believes in you you are okay.
Thank you for the interview, Nóra. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for these great questions. Check out our latest music video “Tempest in Paradise” and stay safe.

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