On the 29th of July 2022, Swedish Melodic Death Metal giants, Arch Enemy, will be releasing their eleventh studio album: “Deceivers”. The band formed in 1995 have had one hell of a journey through nearly three decades, in which they have already released ten studio albums, three live albums, and more than 30 singles. And as the date for the release of “Deceivers” draws closer, the enthusiasm of Arch Enemy fans escalates, especially since the singles already out herald an album worthy of the 5-years wait.

And what is better to get ourselves all warmed up and ready for a new Arch Enemy album than going back in time reviewing every major event in the band’s history and releases and mapping these events to what was going on in the world at the time! We used important political events, popular TV shows and movies, as well as major sports events to mark the timeline and help you imagine the times at which the Arch Enemy event occurred. So here’s our timeline for Arch Enemy!


Arch Enemy is born

Arch Enemy was formed in Sweden from Michael Amott 🎸, his younger brother Christopher 🎸, Johan Liiva 🎤 and Daniel Erlandsson 🥁.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Alissa White-Gluz celebrates her tenth birthday
🕥 Iron Maiden release “The X Factor”
🕥 Death release “Symbolic
🕥 Mirk Wood, co-founder of FemMetal and author of this article is 3 years old.

Same year:
🕥 The Internet became fully commercial.
🕥 Toy Story premiered in theatres

🕥 DVDs were invented
🕥 Sony released PlayStation gaming console in the US.

🕥 Pilot season of Friends is airing
🕥 The Bosnian civil war ends

12 December 1996

Debut album “Black Earth” is released

The first Arch Enemy album is released, featuring the single “Bury Me An Angel”.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Metallica releases “Load”
🕥 Cannibal Corpse release “Vile

Same year:
🕥 Prince Charles and Princess Diana get divorced
🕥 Kofi Annan is elected as secretary-general of the UN
🕥 Scream is released in theatres

5 May 1998

“Stigmata” – Arch Enemy’s second album – is released

The album featured Peter Wildoer on drums for his only album with Arch Enemy, replacing Erlandsson. Martin Bengtsson joined as bassist to later depart on the same year.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Slayer release “Diabolus in Musica”
🕥 Nightwish release “Oceanborn”
🕥 Death release their final album “The Sound of Perseverance”

Same year:
🕥 France wins the 1998 FIFA World Cup

🕥 Google is founded

21 May 1999

“Burning Bridges” album released

The third Arch Enemy album is released featuring for Sharlee D’Angelo for the first time on bass.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Cannibal Corpse release “Bloodthirst”

Same year:
🕥 The Euro currency is created
🕥 SpongeBob premieres

🕥 World population surpasses 6 billion
🕥 Manchester United wins the Champions League, defeating Bayern Munich and completing a treble


Angela Gossow becomes lead vocalist

Johan Liiva left the band in 2000, and was replaced by the German vocalist, Angela Gossow.
Previously in 2000, the band’s first live album, “Burning Japan Live 1999“, was released.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Iron Maiden release “Brave New World”
🕥 Morbid Angel release “Gateways to Annihilation”
🕥 Nightwish release “Wishmaster”

Same year:
🕥 George W. Bush is elected as the president of the USA
🕥 Tiger Woods becomes the youngest player to win a Grand Slam in Golf
🕥 The International Space Station is inhabited for the first time

18 March 2002

“Wages of Sin” album released

The fourth album by Arch Enemy, and the first with Angela Gossow as lead vocalist, was released. “Ravenous” and “Burning Angel” were released as singles from the album.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Iron Maiden release “Brave New World”
🕥 Morbid Angel release “Gateways to Annihilation”
🕥 Nightwish release “Century Child”

Same year:
🕥 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is released

🕥 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is released
🕥 Brazil wins World Cup in Korea and Japan

23 July 2003

“Anthems of Rebellion” album released

The band’s fifth album was released, with the singles “We Will Rise” and “Dead Eyes See No Future” included.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Iron Maiden release “Dance of Death”
🕥 Epica release their debut album “The Phantom Agony”
🕥 Evanescence release their debut album “Fallen”
🕥 Alissa White-Gluz celebrates her 18th birthday
🕥 Metallica release “St. Anger”
🕥 Morbid Angel release “Heretic”

Same year:
🕥 The final season of Friends premieres
🕥 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is released in cinemas

🕥 Cristiano Ronaldo makes debut for Manchester United
🕥 The US invasion of Iraq

26 July 2005

“Doomsday Machine” album released

The sixth studio album was released featuring the singles “Nemesis”, “My Apocalypse”, and “Taking Back My Soul”.
Christopher Amott left the band after the recording was finished and before the release, only to rejoin 2 years later. He was replaced by Fredrik Åkesson.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Epica release “Consign to Oblivion”
🕥 Alissa White-Gluz is 20 years old and have co-formed The Agonist a year earlier

Same year:
🕥 YouTube is launched

🕥 Facebook celebrates its first birthday

🕥 The Office (US) first season airs

🕥 How I Met Your Mother first season airs
🕥 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released in cinemas

24 September 2007

“Rise of the Tyrant” album released

The band’s seventh studio album was released with the songs “Revolution Begins” and “Blood on Your Hands” released on an EP. “I Will Live Again” was also released as a single.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Epica release “The Divine Conspiracy”
🕥 The Agonist release debut album “Once Only Imagined”
🕥 Nightwish release “Dark Passion Play”

Same year:
🕥 The first iPhone is released

🕥 Season 4 of The Office airs
🕥 Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory airs
🕥 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is premiered in cinemas

24 November 2008

“Tyrants of the Rising Sun”, Arch Enemy’s second live album, is released

The live album included a DVD and a CD recording of a show in Tokyo from early 2008.

27 February 2009

“Manifesto of Arch Enemy” compilation album released

The album included two songs from each of the four studio albums in the Angela Gossow-era, and two from the live album, “Tyrants of the Rising Sun”.

30 May 2011

“Khaos Legions” album released

The album featuring the singles “Yesterday Is Dead and Gone”, “Bloodstained Cross”, “Under Black Flags We March” and “Cruelty Without Beauty” was released.
“Khaos Legions” would become the last Arch Enemy album before the departure of Christopher Amott in 2012 and Angela Gossow in 2014.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Morbid Angel release “Illud Divinum Insanus”
🕥 Evanescence release self-tiled album
🕥 Nightwish release “Imaginaerum”

Same year:
🕥 The 8th season of The Office airs
🕥 The 7th season of How I Met Your Mother airs
🕥 The 5th season of The Big Bang Theory airs
🕥 The Vampire Diaries is in season 3

🕥 Game of Thrones begins with its first season

🕥 The Harry Potter movie series is concluded with the release of Death Hallows Part 2
🕥 The Tunisian revolution succeeds in overthrowing leader
🕥 The US Navy finds and kills Osama Bin Laden


Alissa White-Gluz replaces Angela Gossow as lead vocalist

On 17 March 2014 Angela Gossow announced her departure from Arch Enemy and welcomed in the same statement Alissa White-Gluz, then the vocalist of The Agonist, as her replacement.

6 June 2014

“War Eternal” album released

The first album with Alissa White-Gluz as vocalist, and the band’s ninth, was released. The songs “War Eternal”, “As the Pages Burn”, “You Will Know My Name”, “No More Regrets”, “Stolen Life”, and “Avalanche” were released as singles.
“War Eternal” was also the first album to feature Nick Cordle who replaced Christopher Amott.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Cannibal Corpse release “The Skeletal Domain”
🕥 Epica releases “The Quantum Enigma”

Same year:
🕥 The final episode of How I Met Your Mother airs. The Office has been concluded the year before.

🕥 The Big Bang Theory is at its 8th season
🕥 The Vampire Diaries is at its 6th season
🕥 Game of Thrones is at its 5th season
🕥 Scotland votes to remain part of the UK
🕥 Germany wins the World Cup

November 2014

Jeff Loomis replaces Nick Cordle as guitarist

The “War Eternal” guitarist left the band in the middle of a tour around the end of 2014, to be replaced with ex-Nevermore guitarist, Jeff Loomis.
The line-up thus became:
🎤 Alissa White-Gluz
🥁 Daniel Erlandsson
🎸 Jeff Loomis
🎸 Michael Amott
🎸 Sharlee D’Angelo (bass)

This line-up remains unchanged.

8 September 2017

“Will To Power” album released

The second Alissa-era and first Loomis-era and overall tenth album was released with singles “The World is Yours”, “The Eagle Flies Alone”, “The Race”, and “Reason To Believe”.
The live album “As the Stages Burn!” was released the same year.

Same year in Metal:
🕥 Cannibal Corpse release “Red Before Black”
🕥 Morbid Angel releases “Kingdoms Disdained”

Same year:
🕥 The Big Bang Theory 11th and second to last season airs
🕥 The Vampire Diaries is concluded after 8 seasons

🕥 Game of Thrones season 7 airs
🕥 Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the USA.

29 July 2022

“Deceivers” album will be released

The eleventh album by Arch Enemt will be released.

Singles from “Deceivers”

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