Italian Metal band Temperance has won the category of Best Band or Act in FemMetal Awards 2021.

The Modern Melodic Metal band released a wonderful new album last November entitled ‘Diamanti’. Alongside Best Band/Act, Temperance were also nominated for Best Album, Best Vocals and Best Songs.

The voting results came our as following:

Temperance21.06 %
Epica18.36 %
Hiraes14.47 %
Evanescence12.74 %
Charlotte Wessels9.61 %
Nervosa8.32 %
Jinjer6.59 %
Blackbriar2.59 %
Seven Spires2.27 %
Burning Witches1.84 %
Phantom Elite1.51 %
Plush0.65 %
Mirk Wood

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