German band Hiraes has won the Best Breakthrough Act award in FemMetal Awards 2021. The Melodic Death Metal band came ahead in the polls for the category designated to acts that were formed in the last four years. Hiraes, formed in 2020, was also nominated for the Best Band, Best Song, Best Brutal Vocals, and Best Breakthrough Song categories. They released their first album earlier this year.

The voting results for Best Breakthrough Act came as follows:

Hiraes23.8 %
Ad Infinitum23.2 %
Dear Mother19.0 %
Plush13.4 %
Adiant6.0 %
Light by the Sea3.5 %
Stellaris3.5 %
Manora3.2 %
Ewiniar3.1 %
Bad Bible1.3 %