Most people, at least ones not living in a cave, have seen the movie ‘Moulin Rouge!‘ or at least heard of it or of its critically acclaimed song Lady Marmalade, also famous for its chorus: “Voulezvous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?”

Well apparently some cavemen were too ignorant to realize the reference when a songwriter and guitarist of a young band captioned a photo of hers where she was dressed like some characters in the movie with the famous phrase “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”

Some of the cavemen started commenting with words like “Yeah, let’s have sex.” And she had to change the caption and add that the caption is a reference from the famous movie.

But a “man” would not take no for an answer. So some of them called her a whore.

One of the cavemen, apparently some sexually deprived jerk with complexes related to his manhood, decided it’s a good idea to show the artist his penis. So he sent her a message with a photo of his genitals (because you know, that’s the best way to approach a lady). And he added: “Yes, let’s fuck”. And when she turned him down, also telling him she is interested in women, he replied that he does not care and they can have a threesome with her girlfriend. (What an amazing offer!) and the douchebag kept harassing her asking her for nudes till she blocked him.

Till when will women be harassed because of anything they say or do? Imagine if a man posted the same photo and added the same caption. Would he receive such sexual approaches? Would he be harassed for simply quoting a movie?

We thank the artist who asked for her name not to be mentioned for sharing this with us, and we ask everyone with a similar story to share so we can all together shed light to these incidents and help build a world that is safe for women to live in.

Betty Triangle