Coming in from Paris, France is rock guitarist and vocalist, Kim Melville. She posts a variety of classic rock, blues, and pop covers on her Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channels. Find out Kim’s plans for her future original work, her tips for coping with sexism, and how she is getting through quarantine. We hope you enjoy this interview!


Hi Kim! How are you today?
Hi! I’m doing very good, thanks!
That’s good to hear!
What made you want to start playing music?
I was born in a family full of artists. So, naturally, I’ve always been surrounded by art (Dance, Painting, Drawing, Music…). And Music became the center of my life at an extremely early age… 🙂 I started singing right after I learned how to speak, basically!! And my first instrument was actually the Piano! I studied it for almost 10 years before falling in love with the guitar.
Awesome! Over the past year you’ve been releasing classic rock covers on YouTube and other social media platforms. How has that been going and do you plan to do more of that?
Oh yes! I’m currently trying to figure out how I could make some even more often! At first, I started posting my little videos on Instagram and Facebook. But I knew I was gonna create my YouTube channel at some point. Being a big YouTube watcher, I’ve always wanted to be a part of that world. Making YouTube videos is hard work, but it’s very exciting…I can’t wait to make new ones…! 🙂
What is your process for choosing songs to cover?
I don’t really have one, to be honest! It’s usually very spontaneous. When I play at home or when I’m practicing I always make sure I’m ready to record just in case! The only “prepared” one was the cover of “Whole Lotta Love”! We decided to make this one with my dad during quarantine! And it was a lot of fun!
Cool! What are your plans for your future in music?
It’s hard to make plans in these uncertain times unfortunately, but when it comes to 2020-2021, I just started my 3rd year at IMEP-Paris College of Music (guitar section). Hopefully when things get better in the world, I’d want to keep playing gigs with my fellow musicians whenever we have the occasion. And when it comes to my own career, I’m currently working on my first EP! (And I plan on working on a lot of original music for the upcoming years, and on very cool collabs…;))
I look forward to that! Have you ever faced sexism as a female musician? What advice would you give to other musicians who have been treated this way?
I have, yes, multiple times! The only advice I’d give when it comes to facing sexism as a woman, would be: Keep going and be the best you can be! Work hard and show everybody what you can do, and someday they’ll come back and try to be your friend…As Gandhi said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win”. And when you’re told that people like your music just because you have boobs, just laugh 😉
Solid advice haha. If you could travel forwards or backwards in time, which would you choose?
I’d go backwards for a day or two to see my parents on stage, and meet my Grandpa!
Aw, that’s sweet. What has been getting you through quarantine and 2020 overall?
In March, when quarantine started here in France, I had so much work to do from home, that I didn’t even have the time to think that I was in quarantine! It’s been amazing for my mental health to be able to work out, eat well, read, learn, rest, and make music! I’m very lucky to be surrounded with extraordinary and inspiring people, so I’m living these hard times with very positive people, who work on making themselves better every day, just like I love doing! Quarantine was a big self-reflection moment, and it gave me many answers on myself and on human behaviors in general. 2020 was a big transition year for me: I found my true-self, happiness and true love! I’m beyond grateful for every single thing that 2020 brought me. As far as music is concerned, I was lucky enough to play live on September 19th for the opening of the 2021 Culture Season in a new theater near Paris, just before the new Covid-19 rules were announced. It was the last show unfortunately, but I hope with all my heart that the Music Business is gonna get better soon, and that we’ll go through this mess together and become stronger and louder!
That’s good to hear. Thank you so much for doing this interview! Is there anything else you’d like to include?
My pleasure! I just want to say…be grateful and play music! 😉

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