AP Tobler is a 15 year old multi-instrumentalist based in the CA Bay Area. To date she has released 4 singles – all of which fall under the grunge/alt rock genre. We got the opportunity to talk with them about her favorite genres, her latest single “Post Mortem”, and other topics. We hope you enjoy this interview!


Hello AP! How are you today?
I’m doing a-ok! Just finished up a drum lesson and feeling inspired.
That’s great! For the readers who don’t know you, could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you and how you got into playing rock music?
Hey! I’m AP. I’m a fifteen year old multi-instrumentalist from San Jose, CA. I mostly write sad grunge songs about my struggles with anxiety and depression. I got into rock/alt because I find it to be a good outlet for my emotions.
You seem to enjoy playing many different genres of music. What genre would you say you enjoy playing most?
I love playing metal and metalcore on drums. As for guitar, I’d say I like playing alt rock most!
Cool! Your single, “Post Mortem” was released a little over a month ago. Are you happy with how people have received it?
I am really happy with how it’s been received so far. It’s my favorite song I’ve written. I’m glad other people seem to like it too.
What is the story behind that song?
It’s about a bad breakup I had early last year. I felt incredibly guilty for breaking up with them and they actually ended up running away from home for a little. It was quite terrifying and I felt I had killed a part of them. Writing Post Mortem was my outlet for all those feelings.
That’s interesting. You’ve released 4 singles to date. Do you plan to release an EP or full-length album?
I’d love to release an EP sometime in the near future. I’m currently working on writing/recording more music to make that possible.
I look forward to that! Do you ever feel pressured to stay within the limitations of one genre or do you freely experiment with other genres?
I try to allow myself to write freely, and figure out where it fits in later. I have quite a bit of music that I’ve written that doesn’t fit into the genre of my current project.
That’s great to hear. What has been your most valuable experience you’ve had in the music industry thus far?
Jazz drum lessons and enrolling in Music Career Mastermind. Jazz lessons have gotten me so much better at drums, specifically helping with technique and dynamics, and Music Career Mastermind has taught me so much about the industry and how to properly market myself.
Awesome! Your instagram bio defines you as a “taco fiend” so it’s only natural for me to ask, what are your favorite taco toppings?
I love a good spicy chicken taco with beans and cheese.
Thank you so much for doing this interview, is there anything else you’d like to include?
Thank you so much for this opportunity, stay cool my friend!


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