Today’s interview is with a vocalist Shei Alais and drummer Yani Fernandez from Argentinian Metal band, Aurea. Aurea is a young band who have recently released two singles. The singles show a great amount of talent and potential in the band, with earth-shaking vocals and brilliant riffs and beats in those two debutants. We talked with Shei and Yani about their music, ideas and other things.

Yani Fernandez
Shei Alais


Hello Shei and Yani! How are you doing and how are the other members of Aurea?
Hello!  We are all well luckily, taking care of each other in our daily lives and on the other hand working hard for the band..
Would you like first to tell our readers who are reading about you for the first time about your band?
Innovate with our music.  We are a new band influenced by metalcore and some alternative rock.  You are invited to listen to us on all digital platforms if you wish.
You’re from Argentina, a country that has a huge base for Metal fans, as I can see from my own followers on social media. What do you love most about the Rock and Metal scene in Argentina?
I personally love creativity, the enthusiasm of the artists and the affection of the public.
You’ve recently released your first two singles, Karma and No Da Igual. How are you feeling about the reception these two songs got so far?
We had a very good reception luckily.  They even showed us radio programs in specials of female voices, we had interviews via streaming and they have even invited us to play an international online Festival which will be broadcast on December 5 via YouTube and Facebook.  We are very happy and grateful to the public who make this possible.
Shei, you have such a powerful voice. Who are the artists that you grew up listening to and who inspired you to become a vocalist yourself?
Wow!  Thanks a lot!  I have a versatile taste in music, that’s why many artists inspired me to sing including Angela Gossow (ex Arch Enemy), Alissa White Gluz at the time as well, Christina Aguilera, Silvina Harris and Brenda Cuesta, who are both references here in Argentina of metal.
When I was little one of my heroes was Phil Collins, vocalist and drummer of Genesis. I wanted to learn drums because of him but never could because I found it a bit hard and I had other interests. What inspired you to be a drummer, Yani?
My desire to be a drummer did not go through a particular musician.  Since I was a girl, the rhythmic part of the songs caught my attention.  My parents got me percussion cassettes from various parts of the world because it was fun for me to “play” and dance.  Also, I’m good at hitting things! (Or so I’ve always been told heh).  That I end up being a drummer, I think, was an organic process that was consolidated ten years ago when I decided to stop just listening to play and transmit something that makes me happy.  Drummers that inspire me I have many since I have no preferences for musical styles.
Karma and No Da Igual show your great potential as a band! Are you planning to release more singles soon? Or will there be an EP or a bigger release?
 We are glad that you like our songs and think we have power too.  At this time we will begin to record a tribute to the band Roxette the song Listen to your heart, which is true to our style that we usually play live and the public likes it a lot, and we will also upload to digital platforms.  And as time goes by we will continue to compose and record more songs but for the moment to culminate this particular year we will only record the tribute to Roxette
We at FemMetal love playing nerdy games in our interviews. And since there’s two of you, it will be more fun! Let’s see how wide your imagination can be. I will give you a certain scenario in an alternate universe and see how you’d deal with it.

In a universe where you can travel in time, what era would you like to visit most?
I would like to visit the ’80s and’ 90s for the music they left
In a universe where the sense of taste and sense of hearing are mixed up, what would Aurea’s music taste like?
We would have an exotic flavor, like a spicy chocolate sweet cake, since in our songs we have sweet and melodic moments and powerful and heavy moments.
In a universe where you can pick any superpower, which superpower would each you like to have?
Shei, in a universe where you are Yani, what would your favourite thing about yourself be?
I like Yani’s patience and his way of seeing the positive side of everything
And Yani, in a universe where you’re Shei, what would your favourite thing about yourself be?
Shei’s sincerity.  That always seemed cool to me
Thank you for playing ladies!
Your band has achieved gender equality, in a way. There are two men and two women. Unfortunately, other parts of the society haven’t. What do you believe is the importance of keeping on fighting for women’s rights, even if we’re in a better place than before?
We are both feminists and activists for the cause.  It is very important to continue conquering rights so that women are respected in society and in the musical / artistic context that they respect us and that they do not question our talent or abilities simply because we are women. 
Personally, I have received mockery and insults both in social networks and in live shows perpetuated by other musicians for the simple fact that according to them they do not like how I sing or the music we make. We think that it is not only to say that women and their struggle are accepted but also to apply it in daily life.  There is still a long way to go but we do not lose hope that everything will improve
You are young artists in a new band releasing its first singles. But every artist has an ultimate goal she or he would want to reach. What is that goal for you Yani?
My goal in life is to improve and it applies to the battery.  I am always trying to improve my sound and technique with the knowledge that I am acquiring, since I am a very perfectionist.  Regarding the band, I believe that achieving a good performance at a musical level to get to make better songs every time.
What about you Shei?
I would like us to be recognized as an international band to be able to travel to do shows and the main thing that we continue to have good reception from people
Thank you for the interview ladies. It has been a pleasure! Good luck for you and Aurea in all your future projects. the pleasure is ours! 
Thank you for taking us into account so that you know our work

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