Jasmine Cain is a Rock musician from South Dakota, USA. The talented artist covers a wide range of Rock styles in her music, fusing Classic Rock sounds with modern Rock and Metal elements to create a unique one that can be branded as her own. She has released seven albums so far, the latest being ‘Seven’ released in 2020.

We had the pleasure to chat with Jasmine Cain about her music and other things. We hope you enjoy.


Hello Jasmine! How are you doing and how has 2021 been with you so far?
We are only a few days into 2021, but it’s proving to be filled with more hope than last year. We were honored with 5 new awards just before the new year from JPF and our music video “Uninvited”, a cover of the Alanis Morisette soundtrack song has released on YouTube and awarded the IT40 Rock’s New Music Video #1 for the final week of the year. 
That’s great!
You released your newest album ‘Seven’ about the end towards the end of last year. How are you feeling about the reception this album received?
This album has been through hell before it ever became available to the public. We encountered some serious hang-ups with former label company who was more interested in getting us onboard with him rather than actually following through with anything he promised. SEVEN was tied up in a mess for almost a year before we were able to push it properly. Since the release, we have had nothing but positive feedback and I’m actually really interested to see what happens this year when we get the chance to promote it properly. We planned on touring on it this year, but we all know how that went. 
Did the pandemic and lockdowns have any influence on the album, in terms of the writing and production processes or the release?
SEVEN was already written and recorded long before the pandemic, but the lockdowns forced all touring to come to a halt, therefore we were unable to promote the album properly on the road. 
We have a tradition here to play a game with our interviewees to get our readers to see their imaginative and fun side. I will give you a situation in an alternate universe and you have to react. Ready?
In a universe where you play the saxophone player in a jazz band, what would the band’s name be?
Jazzberry Jams
In a universe where the currency is the person’s sense of humor, how rich would you be? 
I’d be rich, bitch! Hahahaha. Seriously, can we make this happen? 
There must be a universe with that rule, if there are infinite ones 😂
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what would your music taste like?
Sweet & Sour Conversation Hearts
Sounds awesome 😂
In a universe where hostile aliens have invaded Earth and their only weakness was found out to be songs with energetic music and heavy guitars, which Seven song would you lead the charge with?
In a universe where aliens came to Earth and asked you for a song as a specimen in their study about Earth music, which Seven song would you give them?
Be Brave
Thank you for playing Jasmine!
In FemMetal Awards 2020 you were nominated for the award named after Theodora, a Byzantine empress that made laws protecting women against trafficking and domestic injustice. What, in your opinion, is needed today to stop all forms of sexism and discrimination?
I think in order to be considered equal, we need to remove anything that sets us apart. For example, there wouldn’t be awards for “Best Male/Female Instrumentalist”, there would just be “Best Instrumentalist”. However, I feel like in a lot of ways, it’s a bonus to be female in the music world because people don’t search for new male bands out there, but they do search for new female bands. In the festival circuit, I would like to see the bands more equal instead of having all male bands and that one “token” female artist in the mix. It causes an unnecessary “duel” amongst the female artists out there who all deserve their moment in the spotlight. 
The songs on ‘Seven’ have elements from so many different music directions. How important do you feel it is as an artist not to be bounded in your music to one genre?
Not important. A good song is a good song…regardless of what genre it “sounds” like. They’re all written with just a voice and a guitar or piano. If they can be broken down into that simple form and still hold true, it’s worth recording. 
Thank you for the interview Jasmine! It was a pleasure! ☺️ 
The pleasure was all mine! Muah! 

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