The year 2020 was one hell of a shitty year, from beginning to end. However, it did have some bright incidents, such as, the release of the album we’ll talk about today, ‘God On The Run’ by The Hellfreaks. The Hungarian Punk-rockers released their new album in February 2020. And since the album is too good to be missed from our reviews, here’s a review we wrote about ‘God On The Run’.

Remember to check our interview from last November with The Hellfreaks‘ vocalist, Shakey Sue, where we talked about the album and many other things.


‘God On The Run’ is a 10-track album extending over a bit more than half an hour. The album’s Punk Rock sound is heavy and very catchy. Here are three things we loved about ‘God On The Run’.

1. Those guitar riffs

One of the most exciting features on ‘God On The Run’ is the fast riffs that were used throughout it. The riffs vary in speed, heaviness, and length. Some were used to introduce songs, and these would be the most exciting ones since they had to build up for the rest of the track. The guitar riffs played a huge role in making songs catchy and exciting. My favourite of these are on songs like Men in Grey, Red Sky, Witches Heal, and As Above.

2. Vocals

Shakey Sue‘s vocals are, to put in simple words, magnificently brilliant. Her ability to shape her voice with the song’s elements. She expressed the emotions from the lyrics through her voice perfectly and still managed to move gracefully between verses with her harsh sound. Her voice throughout the album is so good that if Punk Rock was a person, they would probably sound like Shakey Sue. Some songs where this can be illustrated would be Red Sky, Doldrum Dynasty, As Above, and Tabby.

3. Production

The production of ‘God On The Run’ has been another key factor in the album’s greatness. There is not a single moment on the album that one would feel bored or that the song took too long. The tracks are all naturally short, ranging between few seconds less or more than 3 minutes, however, they are also rich with different types of intros whether it’s riffs or beats, and straight to the point delivering a catchy anthem-like chorus on almost every track. Men In Grey, Adrenalized, and Witches Heal would perfectly illustrate what I’m saying here.

Favourite song: “Men in Grey

They say we should not judge a letter from its cover. However, Men in Grey is a perfect cover for the album. The fast beat and riff opens up to a powerful song that quickly becomes a Psychobilly-anthem that sticks to the head to the point you find yourself humming it while you’re playing PUBG in bed at 5 AM, waking up your roommate (true story). And those great ground-shaking screams around the end are just the cherry on top!


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