We had the chance to chat with LostMyFaith of The Way of Purity and ask her about their recent album and many other things.


Hello Faith! How have you and your bandmates been doing lately?
Hi, it’s a pleasure to be here with you.
Let’s start saying that we’re not a “standard” band. We’re fighters, we’ve always been really present in the concrete situation. Let’s say we were expecting this moment of global change, it’s what we’ve always thought since the start of this project, it’s part of our philosophy: humanity’s behaviour has degenerated to a point of no return and Mother Earth has reacted to preserve herself.
Everyone of us has reacted and fought in his own way, in line with our guidelines. Some started to compose very powerful and extreme stuff, others dedicated their time totally to animals and nature, and about me, I practiced a lot of meditation and elevated my vibration and self-awareness to raise and awake others, to give them courage and the strength to overcome fears.

So basically, we are fine and full of energy.
That’s awesome.
We’re going to talk about your album soon, but first, how would you introduce The Way of Purity to our readers who are learning about you for the first time?
The Way Of Purity is a group of vegans who met during animal rights activities. Some of us, being musicians, joined the project through the world of music but the main rule to join TWOP is that you have to be vegan. It all started in 2010, when we decided to use music to spread our message on a large scale. With localized action, we can only reach a few people each time we make an effort… With music we can reach many people through songs, interviews, tours etc… Our message is the main thing, so, every new listener is a success for us, because we don’t give a shit about fame, money or ego… And that’s why we cover our faces and hide our names… Just because we don’t want our ego to become bigger than our message. Our message is about nature, animals and the perfection of their creation…
You released your album ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ last year. How do you feel about the reception it got so far from the fans?
Focusing on spreading our message, especially in this intense year, we’ve been very happy with the fans reactions: they got it. In the album all (lyrics, music, artwork)  screams the necessity to make an inner revolution and we got enthusiastic feedbacks about our mission. Plus, talking about the artistic level, all of them noticed the evolution toward a more post-metal sound, an apocalyptic mood that contaminates all the aspects of the album.
To get our readers more excited to check out the album, let’s play a little game of imagination. I’m going to give you a certain scenario and a task that you would then have to choose one song from ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ to do. Ready?
Love this! Let’s play…
What song from ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ would you use to introduce someone to your music?
What song from ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ would you use to make a friend of yours feel better?
Wishing Death Upon you All
If all the songs on ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’  came to live and became human beings, which song would you be best friends with?
The Plague
If aliens invaded Earth and it was found out that their only weakness is heavy guitar riffs, which song from ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ would you lead the charge with?
I would probably ask them to play together (an not being enemies) the track called: Mandament
Finally, an archeologist in 3021 discovers under the ruins of an ancient vehicle a working copy of ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ album and manages to play the songs, which song would she like the best?
Thank you for playing!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
I’ve always been involved in activism for minorities and feminism and it’s very important to give strength – support others. I’ve been the first to protest and make a fuss to demand rights. In spite of this, I’ve become tougher with time and wiser with experience so the answer I’ll write here now is so much different than the one I would have written 8 years ago. I hope this will motivate you, readers, anyway. 
Yes, many bad experienced happened to me, but talking about the music, it happened to me to be treated “like a girl” because the music business is run mostly by men, but I’ll say this: I am in it in many ways (singer, composer, event manager, boss in my biz that is music related) and I have to say that if you are strong and professional, the others will respect you. After some time you will find the way to collaborate with them respectfully. If you’re weak and insecure, you’re ruined, ‘cos not only the music but the whole world is cruel and evil if you see yourself as a victim. So the best thing you can do is: change the vision of yourself and evolve in the better version of yourself, so that Light will come out and illuminate others. And they will respect you.
Also, accept the fact that not anyone is kind, not anyone will appreciate you, and that there will always be someone more talented and smarter than you: take them as an example.

A lower level of advice would be this:
If you suffer in a situation, remember that you are the owner of yourself and you can always affirm: I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS SITUATION, I CHANGE THIS SITUATION NOW. It would be useless to try to change others, they have their background to have turned into what they are now.
Great advice and thank you for sharing from your own experience.
Many people today do their best to make their name known to everyone. However, your band chose to hide behind aliases. How do you think this selflessness would help your music?
The starting point of all this is: the EGO has led mankind to its self-destruction. The only way to go over this critical moment is EVOLVE OURSELVES toward the ONE, as we’re all different faces of a whole higher being. Our motto is: “I remove vanity and unnecessary self-importance”. Nobility, self-sacrifice, denial of ego therefore Śūnyatā is the answer to your question. In Theravada Buddhism, suññatā often refers to the non-self: “all things are empty of intrinsic existence and nature”. “Śūnyatā” is “devoidness,” “emptiness,” “hollow, hollowness,” “voidness.”  As the “emancipation of the mind by emptiness” being consequent upon the realization that “this world is empty of self or anything pertaining to self”.
Nothingness is an important door to liberation, it also equates not-self with the emptiness of liberation. Nothingness is a way of perception, a way of looking at experience. It adds nothing and takes nothing away from physical and mental events. Events in the mind and senses without thinking if there is something behind them. This mode is called emptiness because it lacks the assumptions we usually add to experience to make sense of it: the stories and visions of the earth that we decode to explain who we are and the world we live in. Although these stories and visions have their uses, the Buddha has discovered that some of the more abstract questions they raise – about our true identity and the reality of the outside world – divert attention from a direct experience of how things affect each other in the present. So they get in the way when we try to understand and solve the problem of suffering.
As you see, the matter is bigger than EGO, it includes our perception of the whole reality and our way to interiorise it. If we’ll go beyond our desires Humanity will restore a balance with Mother Earth and the first thing is giving the good example – but it’s the way we enjoy our experience in the practical world. I guess it’s because we’ve had our ambitions fulfilled when we were younger (we’ve all performed so many tours and we’ve been living “la vida loca” as real musicians for so many years), so, evolving our inner self, we all came to this vision independently and only then joined our visions.
Last but not least: none of us is Buddhist, but Buddhism contains ideas that come from the Metaphysical Thought, that, with Animism is my way of feeling.
Thank you for the interview Faith! It has been a real pleasure! 
Same back at you. Thank you for your time and for your support.

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