The Serbian Alternative band have released their second album in the final stages of the year 2020. The album entitled, ‘End This Game’, comes four years after the 4-piece band’s debut. We had the chance to listen to ‘End This Game’ and write this review on it.

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‘End This Game’ is a 6-track album with 23 minutes of running time. Here are three things we loved about ‘End This Game’.

1. Consistently heavy, not monotonic

‘End This Game’ is made of 6 heavy songs. Some bands tend to include an interlude or a softer song in such albums to avoid monotony for people listening the album as a whole. Void Inn managed to avoid monotony through great production. The instrumentals, different intros, and variance in tempo and harshness inside the songs all helped the album be far from getting boring at any time. Examples on that good production can be seen in songs like End This Game and Just Another Day.

2. Guitars

One of the best aspects of ‘End This Game’ is its guitar instrumentals. The quality and variety of riffs made the album rich and exciting. Still Young, Dead of Night, and Show Me What You Go had the most impressive riffs and soloes where the band’s guitar mastery was displayed.

3. Vocals

Jelena Vujanovic‘s vocals are one of the best qualities of ‘End This Game’. Her voice’s tone and capabilities adds a lot of energy to the album. The songs that can best showcase this quality are Still Young, Dead of Night, and Just Another Day.

Favourite song: “Dead of Night

Dead of Night is a song where all qualities of ‘End This Game’ can be clearly seen. Jelena’s harsh vocals on that song is electrifying. The song also contains a wonderful guitar solo.


The FemMetal Team has given the album the following rates:


Don’t forget to check out our interview with Jelena Vujanovic

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