We had the pleasure of interviewing Jelena Vujanovic, vocalist of Serbian Alternative Metal band, Void Inn, and talk about the new album and many other things. We hope you enjoy this interview as much we as we did.


Hello Jelena! How are you doing and how has 2021 been treating you so far?
Hello there! I’m great! 2021 it’s very productive so far! Only challenge is that you cannot plan many things because of current situation
Hope things will get even better soon.
I have really enjoyed listening to your latest album ‘End This Game’. But for readers who haven’t got the chance to listen to the album yet, what would tell them to expect if they go and do that?
I’m glad you liked it! Hmm I would tell them to prepare for something new and original. So if you’re never heard of Void Inn before I suggest you grab a beer or whatever you prefer, lay down, close your eyes and let our music take you places..
You will probably always remember 2020 as the year you released your second album, but unfortunately that year will also be remembered for the ongoing pandemic. How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect you, both as a person, and a band?
It was a year to remember for sure. As a person I learned a lot about myself. Usually I’m a kind of person who likes to plan ahead, to hold things in my hand, to be in control so when you actually find out all of sudden you can’t have that you kind of lose your identity.  So I learned a lot about balance and about patience. I started doing hobbies I didn’t have time before like gardening, puzzles, yoga and dedicating my time more to people I care for. So from that perspective I was grateful for 2020. As the band goes, we made a lot of new music which is fantastic. I really love these new songs!
To get our readers more excited to check out your album, and to give your fans a new perspective about it, how about we play a game? I will give you a certain scenario and you’d have to pick one song from ‘End This Game’ that best fits. Let’s go!

Which song from ‘End This Game’ would you use to make a friend going through a bad time feel better?
Hello misery
Which song from ‘End This Game’ would you use to introduce someone who hasn’t listened to you before to your music?
End this game
Which song from ‘End This Game’ would you use as a theme song for a Netflix series based on your life?
Just another day
If all songs on ‘End This Game’ came to life and became humans, which one would be your best friend?
Stay young
If Earth was invaded and overpowered by aliens from a more technologically advanced planet, and it was discovered that the only weakness these aliens have is that their brains melt when exposed to heavy music, which song from ‘End This Game’ would you use to lead the resistance against the aliens?
Dead of night
Thank you for playing, Jelena!
You’re welcome, it was fun.
Do you remember the first time you performed live for an audience on stage? Can you tell us a bit about it?
First time was actually in Los Angeles and I was singing in front of around 80 people. Sinisa (guitar player) was performing as well. We played song “My generation” from the Who. It was super fun and scary at the same time 
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
Honestly not very often, I guess people concentrate more on music rather than the look which is making me very happy 
That’s great! You’re very lucky.
Thank you for the interview Jelena! It was an honor!
Thanks for having me, rock on!

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