Funeral Fairy is a young Polish band who have released recently their debut music video for their song Cemetery Queen. The band, born in 2018 in Warsaw, have elements from Doom Metal in their music. We had the chance to interview the four members of Funeral Fairy to learn about them and their plans for the future. First, let’s get to to know the four members and get familiar with the avatars we’ll use to represent each of them.

Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Lead Guitar


Hello ladies! Really happy to be able to chat with you. How is 2021 treating you so far?
Quite well. We just released our new video – cover of “Toss a coin to your Witcher” from the “Witcher” series. Now we prepare ourselves for another move on our way, which will be more serious.
Would you like to introduce your band to our readers who are reading about you for the first time? 
We are Funeral Fairy playing dark music in the dark world.
We like vintage sound, heavy riffs of stoner bands, the emotions of Alice In Chains, dark atmosphere of Type O Negative and doom metal groups, strong female vocals of Crucified Barbara or Phantom Blue and a bit of black metal guitar vibe.
Who came up with the name ‘Funeral Fairy’ and is there an idea behind it?
The idea for that name was born in spring 2019, when after almost a year of playing together and some songs made up, Patty and me once again left without a drummer and a bass player. We decided to get this band going on despite all adversities and to complete the lineup with people, who want to play as much as we do.  
We wanted the name to be associated with something dark and feminine in the same time. This is how our name came into force.
According to a 2018 study by Fender, “women make up 50% of new guitar players in both the US and the UK”. Patty, what advice would you give these young women who want to become guitarists?
That’s great man. I would say: Just go for it, be yourself and never give up in making progress if you love it.
Milla, did you dream of becoming a vocalist in a Metal band from when you were young, or did anything happen that made you decide to take this path?
The moment I decided to become a metal singer was my teenage crush 😊 I went with friends to the concert of a local metal band and fell for the lead singer. I’ve never talked with this guy, because you know – the only true love is when your crush doesn’t even know that you exist, because this is tragic love and you can suffer like a true heroine. After weeks of dying from the heartache I understood a very simple thing (but not so simple for a gloomy, tormented teenage soul like mine), that I don’t even know this cool guy. And maybe he’s not so cool, maybe he is stupid. The thing I really enjoyed about him was that he sings in a metal band, whips his hair on the stage and screams his lungs out. So why couldn’t I become such a stage demon myself? So I started to look for a band. And the funny thing is that after a few months I finally met my former crush and he was a douchebag indeed. And even less cool than boys from my own metal band. I was kinda proud of life being so harsh for a poor romantic me 😊
In order to get to know better, we have a tradition here to play a game, where we ask our interviewees to imagine a scenario in an alternate universe and react to it. Ready?
Nyx, In a universe where you get a magical tattoo on your arm that changes into a drawing of the last thing you drummed on that is not drums, what would the tattoo be now?
It would be my legs xD
Aga, in a universe where bass players are secretly superheroes, what would your superpower be?
Maybe it would be rising like a phoenix, ’cause I had many jobs and different bands, from lots of them didn’t survive and somehow I’m here again, doing what I love, still alive and playing. Besides, I like fire and hellish heat.
Milla, in a universe where the currency is someone’s sense of humor, how rich would you be?
I’d be a typical person in consumer debts, I guess – living in a dream of having it all and afraid to check my account at the end of the month.
Patty in a universe where the sense of taste and sense of hearing are mixed together, what would Funeral Fairy’s music taste like?
For sure like a vegan donut dipped in dark chocolate and stuffed with rose jam.
In a universe where time travel is possible, what era or year would you like to visit, Milla?
I love history so each day in another century would be a vacation of my dreams.
What about you, Aga?
I also regret the few concerts that I haven’t been to, but at the same time I appreciate the ones I was lucky enough to attend. Overall, I try to appreciate what I have and I wouldn’t trade the times I live in for any other. In addition, we live in full prosperity and without wars in our country, yet on a planet, which is still able to feed so many people who live here, which is not 100% guaranteed that our offspring will also have. These are interesting times, because there’s still a slight chance that we can do something about it and we can also observe richer people thinking now about several intriguing solutions like from some gripping sci-fi novel.
And you Patty?
This is an interesting question because I used to think about it a lot. I love history as much as Mila and there are so many historical times that I would love to be in. I am drawn from the earliest times when the earth was still virgin to the dark times of the Middle Ages. However, if I had to choose one era or date, it would definitely be the 90s. I would have the opportunity to see so many great bands live, such as Pantera and Alice in Chains.
And Nyx?
 I love science-fiction so I would like to visit Earth 500 years from now. I’m really curious about what the world will look like in the future.
Thank you for playing girls!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist what? How would you react to sexism and what advice would you give young girls who face discrimination in their life?
In jokes, yes, never for real.I would say just don’t give a shit about it and do your job.
So far you’ve released singles and I think a lot of people are excited at the potential your band showed in them. Are you planning for a bigger release any time soon? 
Thank u. We have so much material in store as a result of our fruitful work that we hope to share our first debut album with you soon.
Thank you for the interview ladies! It has been a pleasure! 
Thank you so much and greetings from the underworld!

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