If like me, and most of the readers of FemMetal, you were born in the 90s, then you were probably just an infant when Liv Kristine launched her career. And now, after almost 30 years, she is on the verge of releasing a new major EP, that showcases her ever progressiveness and talent that made her an icon in the world of Heavy Metal.

We are happy to release this interview that we were honored to have with Liv Kristine, as we asked her about her new release, her plans, and her thoughts. We hope you enjoy reading this interview with Liv Kristine.


Hello Liv! I’m really happy to chat with you! How are you doing during these hard times?
Hello Mirk, and thank you so much for sharing our chat. My family is doing well, thank you. We are absolutely healthy and safe, I have had tons of work during the last twelve months, in my regular daily work with children within the autistic spectrum as well as with vocal coaching, making and releasing music, press work and clearing my own authentic, personal way. In the aftermath I have to say that during these weird times most of us have had to rethink our daily and financial situations. Due to the lockdown my gigs and live guest appearances couldn’t happen. Then again, I have used the time to consider how I can expand and progress on my true authentic way, on my creative goals and growth. I also saw the necessity to separate from destructive, toxic surroundings and situations. It has, I have to state,  been a liberating year for me and my family. I see things and relations more clearly now. 
That’s a great way to spend time.
You are about to release a new EP in April. What would you say your fans should expect when they listen to the EP?
My next EP will be released in April, as you mentioned, and the promotion will kick off these days. It is categorised as an EP, but actually it’s a whole album of music. It contains 5 new songs and 5 live recordings from my special annual concert in Nagold, Germany, 2019. My full-length album is done 2/3. I couldn’t visit my composer Tommy Olsson (Theatre of Tragedy “Aegis”) last year due to the situation we are currently in so the circumstances slowed down the whole production. However, we have a good plan. First the EP! 
That’s great news!
You have been active in the music industry for a very long time. What things do you believe have changed between when you started doing music professionally and now?
Since the mid nineties starting out with Theatre of Tragedy a lot of wonderful things happened on my musical path intensely linked to personal growth. I would say I have been growing with my voice – or, my voice has grown with my personal development. I have also grown with my bands and projects. I would say, and maybe my followers and fans, too, there is one essence to my creativity and that is the light, the colours, the brightness and uplifting energy of my work. It’s in my stamina, in my source, anchored deep within me that my talents were given me for a purpose, namely to light up this universe. I am absolutely in alignment with my purpose linked to music, vocality and guidance also to guide other people on their creative paths, to strengthen their voices and inner calls. Whatever bands which became my ex-bands, whoever or whatever narcissistic, egoistic management tried to fuck it up NEVER even got close to crushing my dignity and authentic values. It took about 20 years for me to come to this point realising that I don’t need a bunch of people around me to keep my career alive, basically earning money through me, moreover, by telling me what to do when, how, with whom and why. Today I feel absolutely in alignment with the artistic work I am doing, the artist I am and what I am giving to my audience. I feel much safer and stronger today and my career is all in my hands. I seek advice with just a few people and the responsibility is in my hands. My fiancé, Michael, and his label Allegro Talent Media  is my backup and best advisor. I feel so blessed with my family, my son and Michael and our two dogs, with our lovely home, my daily job with autistic children, my vocal coaching teaching, my upcoming releases with Coldbound and Liv Kristine. All in all it is the audience I thank from the innermost of my creative heart because you give me the artistic freedom to be creative in this lifetime and universe. 
I think a lot of our readers are big fans of you, but in order to get them to know you from a different perspective, how about we play a little imagination game? I will give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’d have to react. Ready?
Ready!  What a coincidence- just mentioning the universe…
Yes! Let’s go!
In a universe where you’re the executive producer of an action series running on Netflix, and they asked you to pick one of your songs to be a theme song, which one would it be?
“Gravity”. My most important song of all times. 
In a universe where you pay for things by telling jokes and being funny, not by money, how rich would you be considered?
If I could team up with my son and two dogs in putting smiles on people’s faces we would swim in money. We laugh a lot in our home, actually. Dark, Norwegian humour, hehe.
In a universe where you’re the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a torch you’re holding an object that would represent your personality, what would you be holding?
A butterfly.
In a universe where aliens from a planet that doesn’t have music have requested one of your songs as a specimen so their scientists would study this phenomenon, what song would you give them? 
My song “Silence”. Me most important song next to “Gravity”.
In a universe where these senses of hearing and tasting are mixed up, what food do you imagine your music would taste like?
Thank you for playing, Liv!
What is your most treasured music-related memory from your childhood?
First time I saw the cover of and listened to Madonna’s album “Like a Virgin” in 1994. I was 8 years old. 
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
Yes. Sexism, narcissism, ignorance and egoism can only be stopped and banned from your life if YOU SET BOUNDARIES. You must become aware of your own values. If you let this abuse happen to you, you can loose yourself, experience a trauma. Set boundaries and find the way back to yourself, to the true authentic you, by clarifying your innermost and moral values. 
Thank you for the interview Liv! It was an absolute delight. 
My honour and my pleasure. Be safe and see you soon!

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