They take comedy seriously. This is the first (of many) things you have to remember about the band I’m interviewing, Nanowar of Steel. In their unique and sparkling style, they’ve shared with us how it is like to be in a parody metal band.


Hello guys, how are you doing in these times?
We are just like in autumn the leaves on the trees, scratching our balls.
The beauty and prestige of these times are comparable only to the beauty and prestige of this question.
Thinking positively, which future projects do you have in store with the band?
Too much to contain in one sentence.
I could say something about the “work,” but then it would be a spoiler. By the way, in the new record, there is a song with the word “work.”
Fantastic! Do you sing in the shower? If so, which songs?
I do, I like to sing soundtracks.
I rarely shower, but when I do, I typically sing Anica Kninska Kraljica by Thompson.
Great choices, I’d say. What is your point of view about women in metal? Are they being treated differently than men, in your opinion?
Yes, they are.
My point of view or women’s point of view? Anyway, the answer is “depends on the normalization type if StandardScaler() or MinMaxScaler().”
Being italian myself, I have to ask you what are your top 3 favorite dishes.
Pizza, sashimi, Gaviscon.
Cucumber, bread cucumber and tuna, bread cucumber tuna and sauce.
Is there a specific procedure you follow when creating a song?
I usually am inspired when I drive alone in my car.
Yes, there is.
What’s the most useless talent you have?
To keep a 2€ coin between my buttocks.
To answer this question.
I’ve heard worse answers! 😉 An old song says “Video Killed The Radio Star”. A new version of it could be called “Internet Killed The Video Star”. Do you agree?
No, I’m against violence.
TikTok killed the Instagram star that killed the Facebook star that killed the MySpace star that my mom bought on eBay.
Let’s play a little game. Which song of yours would you choose to compete at Eurovision?
“Power of the power of the great sword”.
… and one to add in a movie soundtrack?
“Bestie di Seitan”.
“Power of the power of the great sword”.
… and one for the end of the pandemic?
“Sneeztem of a yawn”.
“Introducing the power”.
Wonderful as usual. Thank you for taking your time for this interview! Would you like to add something to our FemMetal readers?
I love all the female readers. Not the male ones, I just value them.
Of course! I add just enough salt. Never exaggerate!

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