Greek guitarist Helena ‘HK’ Kotina has released her first single ‘One Of Those Days’, along with a captivating music video. Here is our review for the guitarists debut single, followed by an interview with the Greek rocker herself!


‘One Of Those Days’ is one of these songs you simply can’t just listen to just once. Rich in guitar riffs and a breathtaking solo, and a wonderful addition from the guest vocalist Vagelis Kolios. The song has many layers, beginning with a catchy riff that builds up perfectly for the rest of the song. Helena was successful at making her guitar the core of the song. Looking forward to hear more from Helena Kotina!


Hello Helena! I’m very glad to chat with you. How have you been?
Hello, thank you very much for the invitation, it’s my pleasure talking with you. I am fine, I’ve been working continuously through the last period and despite the difficulties because of the lockdowns, everything is going pretty well till now!
That’s great to hear!
Helena, you have just released your first solo single, ‘One of Those Days’ with a music video. How are you feeling about the way people received this single?
Yes, the first single video clip was released some weeks ago and I have to say that I am very happy and satisfied about people’s response and resonance in general. The single took many good reviews from several music webzines and the response was really instant.
You have now done music as a guitarist in a band, and as a solo project. What would you say is the difference between the two?
Now that my first solo work is released , I was thinking myself about the differences of working alone and working in a band and I came to the fact that working on your own is no joke. You are responsible for everything, you have to make decisions about everything. In the beginning everything seemed like an unending uphill road but if you take it step by step then you‘ll reach the top (and as you reach it you‘ll realize that there are a thousand other tops to reach but that’s another thing). So, it’s hard but by the end it makes you stronger and more mature. On the other hand working in a band is not easy too. Sometimes it might look easier because you have your bandmates opinions for building a song but don’t forget that you have to fit in perfectly between  your bandmates playing and also serve the purpose of the song.
That is a great answer!
We have a tradition to play a game with our interviewees to get our readers to see their imagination and fun side. I will give you a situation in an alternate universe and you have to react. Ready?
Hahahahaha ok sounds cool!!!
In a universe where you play the saxophone in a jazz band, what would the band’s name be?
Hahaha what about the moonlight walkers band?
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what would HK’s music taste like?
That’s awesome.. Let’s say that it would taste like a big fat cheeseburger.
In a universe where you pay for things by telling funny jokes, how rich would you be?
Nah I think not very rich but not very poor. There are days where inspiration strikes but there are other days that I am not in the mood.
In a universe where you’re the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a torch you’re holding something that represents your personality, what would statue-you be holding?
Hahaha look, I could say my explorer guitar but that would be too classic and too obvious. So, let’s say a pizza cause I goddamn love pizza.
In a universe where time travel is possible, what time or era would you like to visit?
The 80’s!!!!!!! 
Thank you for playing Helena! Hope you had fun.
Absolutely that was fun!!
If you could choose one female singer to be a guest vocalist on one of the songs in your upcoming debut album, who would you pick?
Hmm Whitney Houston is definitely one of my best but because I don’t think I can compose songs in that style, I would say the metal queen Doro!!!
That’s a great choice.
Have you ever faced some kind of sexism or discrimination? What advice would you give young people who face any kind of discrimination?  
No, I didn’t have any trouble with that. The advice that I would give to young people is: just keep your eyes on the target, stay focused, humble, hard worker and don’t let anyone distract you.
Great advice!
What is next on your release calendar? Do you have any dates set for upcoming releases that we should wait for?
There are two more single video clips to be released in the next few months, the exact release dates will be announced soon.
Thank you for the interview Helena! It was a pleasure! 
Thank you too I really enjoyed this one!!

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