We had the pleasure of interviewing Ruby Bouzioti, a Greek vocalist and YouTuber who posts covers of Metal songs. Ruby’s voice has outstanding qualities that make her such an interesting singer, with her YouTube channel having over 2 thousand subscribers and tens of thousands of views on her videos. Here is our interview with the wonderful Ruby Bouzioti.


Hello Ruby. How have you been doing lately?
Doing ok, trying to regroup and make music despite the pandemic situation. Moving slowly but steadily I would say as everything takes too long to be finished because of the quarantine.
That’s great!
Would you like, first, to introduce yourself to the unlucky readers who do not know you yet? 
Sure! My name is Ruby Bouzioti and I’m an Athens (Greece) based singer. I have been singing for the past 15 years in choirs, bands and as a solo artist. I have received classical singing lessons, modern singing lessons and theatrical training in various “drama teams” and seminars throughout the years. Almost 5 years ago I started my YouTube channel where I am uploading cover songs. I have worked with many bands as a session artist and I’m also sessioning as a voice actress on numerous occasions. 
I think everyone who listens to you would agree you have an amazing voice and you’re a very talented performer. Do you plan on ever joining or forming a band? Or would you prefer to stay in what you do now?
I’ll be completely honest, I like what I do now even if people think that I’m nothing more than a cover artist. That’s actually not true. I do more things than just that. I’m not talking trash about my covers here, they are the reason that most people know my voice so I’m extremely thankful for what those covers gave me and I’m proud of them. About bands, well, I already have my own projects and collaborations with other artists waiting to be released. The fact is that everything takes too long mostly because of the pandemic and other unfortunate events that took place not too long ago so everything had to take a long pause. Lately I’m trying to restart the engines and regroup.
Sounds awesome.
In order to get to know you from a different point of view, how about we play some nerdy game! I will ask you to imagine yourself in an alternate universe with certain differences from ours and see how you’d react.

In a universe where you find a zombie apocalypse is taking place, would you be hiding in a safe house, out fighting the zombies, or already a zombie?
Hmm… I would talk the zombies to death I think. Haha! I have that skill. So I would fight them off I guess!
In a universe where an evil dark lord with an army of goblins has invaded Earth and it was found that the goblins’ weakness is hearing someone sing with high notes, what songs would you lead the charge with against the dark lord?
It would be “The pharaoh sails to Orion” by Nightwish I think. By the end of the battle friends and foes will end up dancing and headbanging. I would be crowned a peacemaker and the goblins eventually would die… but it will be a sweet death! Haha!
In a universe where you pay for things by telling funny jokes, how rich would you be?
A multi-millionaire! 
In a universe where you’re the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a torch you’re holding something that represents your personality, what would the statue you be holding?
A teddy bear and a vacuum cleaner with a microphone on top.
In a universe where time travel is possible, what time or era would you like to visit?
Hmmmm.. That’s a tough one. I would like to visit a lot of ages for different reasons but I don’t think that I could survive from most of those trips! The safest of all feels like a long travel through the 1700s and 1800s to observe fashion and the lifestyle of women back then. 
In a universe where you are the head of a state, what would an interesting law you’d make be? 
Free alcohol every Saturday and free ice cream every Sunday! That’s the best thing I could think of, haha!
That’s one great law!
Thank you for playing, Ruby! Hope you had fun.
They were outside of the stereotypical box questions so they were actually fun to answer. Thank you! 
Have you ever faced some kind of sexism or discrimination? (If yes) How did you deal with it? What advice would you give young people who face any kind of discrimination?  
As a matter of fact there have been questionable moments in the past. I’m a patient person but sometimes patience is not enough to make you endure bad behaviours so I slowly remove myself from any kind of toxic situation. My advice is that young girls should always be careful with the people they work with and never accept  a situation that they think is insulting their personalities or “violating” their personal space or will. There will always be better than this to collaborate and play music with. Work hard, set your boundaries and opportunities will come. A bad behaviour is not the end of the world. Trust me!
Thanks for sharing!
What is your most treasured music-related memory from when you were growing up?
A memory that I cherish up to this day is the Rotting Christ live weekend in 2013. They had two shows in a row in Athens that lasted 3 hours each. For that and a lot more reasons it was a memorable weekend!
Thank you for the interview, Ruby! It was a pleasure! 
Thanks for having me!

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