We had the pleasure of chatting with InSammer’s vocalist, Vika and talk about their latest singles and future plans. The Swedish Metal band previously released two albums, the latest being Seeds in 2018. Today the band returns with two singles as they set the path to release their third studio album. Here’s our interview with Vika!

Hello Vika, how are you and the rest of InSammer doing these days?
We are all doing well, thank you. The pandemic period let us sit in the studio and work on the new album due in November. We had a very productive period, made 2 great videos, released 2 singles and a cover to Flash in the Night. Despite all covid-19 limitations life goes on for us. But we miss festivals and gigs so much.
Well, hope they’ll be back soon. You recently released the singles ‘Vampires’ and ‘Endless Sky’. How do you feel about the way your fans received these singles?
Our fans are amazing without any doubts and they are the motor to our creativity. We got very nice comments on new singles and we believe that our new album Black Art will be a blast. We would like to thank all the fans for their support.
Is there a plan for a bigger release anytime soon?
As I said already we are looking to November to present our new full-length album called Black Art – 11 tracks of total madness including Vampires and Endless Sky. Before the release we want to make one more single What a Gift and put on youtube the director’s cut version of Endless Sky video. We are continuously working on new projects and I am very excited for the coming ones. Vikings…. We are working on a new video called Vikings. This will be an epic movie, I guess we will release it together with a new album.
That’s awesome! In order to get to know you better, how about we play a little game? I’ll ask you some questions that are set in an alternate universe. Ready?
Sure, bring it on.
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what do you imagine InSammer’s music would taste like?
Spicy tortilla with a glass of juicy refreshing mojito accompanied with a guitar solo. As InSammer are hot guys with a Snow queen leader like me.
Brilliant! In a universe where all your dreams as a child already came true, what would be right now?
My childhood dreams are all fulfilled in the universe we live in now, but the grown-up Vika would wish for a caring and loving one. But wait a minute, in an alternative universe I will get my pink unicorn for sure.
In a universe where you are the queen of a country, what is one interesting law that you’d make?
Each third Friday of the month people can have a day off in case they listen to InSammer all other days.
In a universe where you can take vacations inside the reality of TV shows or movies, where would you spend your vacations most?
Would be fun to belong to the “Friends” gang. It’s a cosy and creative atmosphere there.
In a universe where you can travel in time whenever you want, what year or era would you like to visit?
I’m very curious about all the eras but the medieval one feels quite mysterious so I might stay longer there and unfold the secrets of the period.
Thank you for playing, Vika, hope you enjoyed it! What is one treasured music-related memory that you keep visiting in your mind and that makes you smile?
Me singing, now and in my childhood, it’s often comical and super cute too.
We’re in 2021 and unfortunately, despite all the progress we’ve made, we still hear about people dealing with sexism, racism, or other forms of discrimination around the world. Have you ever dealt with any kind of discrimination?
Luckily not, but it’s great that this topic is getting more focus in society so I believe in a brighter future without these issues.
What advice would you give to your younger fans who might be dealing with it?
Keep strong, believe in yourself and let the world hear your inner voice.
Thank you for the interview Vika! Anything else you’d like to add?
Many thanks to FemMetal for this cool interview. Greetings and thanks to our fans for their enormous support. Rock On!!!!

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