We had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Brazilian vocalist Daniela Serafim. We asked Daniela about her new project, Invisible Control, who have recently released a new single, Cold Blood.

Check out Invisible Control’s music, read Daniela’s answers to our questions and watch their music videos below!

Hello Daniela. How are you doing? A few months back you released Cold Blood with your new project Invisible Control, and you are about to release an album soon. How are you feeling about the way people are receiving your music?
Yes, I’m fine! I confess that very anxious for the release of the new songs and our album. I believe that people will really enjoy our work, I consider our album very rich in creativity and elements, we put together ideas of five people with different influences, we mixed everything, we worked hard and we managed to make very good songs in my opinion. I hope people like it a lot too.
What is the difference between your music in Invisible Control and your previous projects?
The kind of sound that I make with Invisible Control, is very different from everything I’ve done in other bands or projects, I’ve played Nu Metal, Djent, Metalcore, Trashmetal and also Deathmetal, but the Invisible as I said earlier united many influences, So it’s very clear how well the sounds are filled and full of elements, I believe that in addition to having a lot of feeling in the songs, we also have a lot of clarity of what we really want to pass on to the listeners, from all the arrangements, to the melody and to the lyrics.
We at FemMetal are a bunch of nerds. So to get our readers to know you and your work better and from a different angle, how about we play a nerdy game? I’ll give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’ll have to react. In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what do you imagine Invisible Control’s music would taste like?
It is almost impossible to determine just one flavor for the I.C. We have a mixture of aggression and technique, strong and very reflective lyrics, with some sweeter melodies, I venture to say that we are a Dark chocolate.
In a universe where you are the Queen of a country, what would be an interesting rule you’d make?
I would make a rule, where I would prohibit any kind of prejudice, racism or sexism.
Brilliant! In a universe where people pay for things they buy by telling funny jokes rather than money, how rich would you be considered?
Well, I’m a very shy person, but anyone who lives with me knows how much I like to laugh and play and also make a lot of jokes, so I think in this situation I’d be okay, but looking at how intolerant and stressed people are, I believe I’d have an extra job, so I’d be a little rich hahaha.
In a universe where you’re a superhero, what would your superpower be?
The power to destroy self-centeredness.
Nice! In a universe where you can travel in time whenever you want, what year or era would you like to visit?
I would definitely go to the ’80s, I would like to go to various concerts of bands and artists that I so admire this decade.
Good old days! Thank you for playing, Daniela, hope you enjoyed it! You have been a musician for a long time, but what is one treasured music-related memory that you keep visiting in your mind and that makes you smile?
The good times on the road, the amazing people in whom I had the opportunity to meet and relate, and especially the affection of the public.
We’re in 2021 and unfortunately, despite all the progress we’ve made, we still hear about people dealing with sexism, racism, or other forms of discrimination around the world. Have you ever dealt with any kind of discrimination? 
A lot! I suffered a lot with this, I even received death threats on the internet. It was something very heavy for me at the time (at the beginning of my career), I really got really bad with everything that was happening, and I thought a lot about giving up everything connected to music, because whenever I was exposed in some interview, in some show, or in anything, I was under attack. Today, this still happens, but for me, in a much smaller way, perhaps because I have matured with everything I’ve been through and also because I have persisted and continued to do my work with my head held high. All this has made me stronger, I will not deny that it still hurts and that it is very revolting to have to go through this, just by being a woman.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. What advice would you give to your younger fans who might be dealing with it?
My advice is that you never bow your head and accept it quietly. We need to stand up for ourselves and stay where we want to be. No one can take away its shine, no one can take away its right to speak, persist and continue, are the best ways to overcome all kinds of prejudice, machismo and discrimination.
Thank you for advice and the interview, Daniela! It was an absolute pleasure.
I really appreciate the interview and the opportunity to talk a little bit more about me, my band and how important it is to stand firm as women, and take the place we want to be.

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