TikTok has had outstanding popularity in the circle of teens for years. It might have some injurious effects on the users, like the addiction to these short videos, however, our favourite musicians and bands have proved that it can be a nice area for quality content too!

Here are some of these Metal goddesses!

Charlotte Wessels

We have been getting to see the other face of the ginger singer through this app since 2020. These funny videos are filmed in her home and she also shows us her cat Iggy and her numerous plants.

Cristina Scabbia / Lacuna Coil

Although they mostly speak Italian, you can find a wide range of content with some gems even if you don’t know the language!


Quello che succede durante un day off in tour, ma che NESSUNO ti rivela 😂 #consiglidiviaggio #LacunaCoil #metal #ontour #dayoff

♬ original sound – Lacuna Coil

Dear Mother / David Hruska

Merel Bechtold’s band has just signed up for TikTok. The singer, David has his own account where you can see exclusive cute footage from his dog, Tabasco.


The blue-haired singer also makes the app more colourful. Her videos are full of music and she also shows you some behind-the-scenes footage.


Just take a look at this video. Elize proves that you are not the only one who cannot breathe after 3 meters of climbing.

Linda Toni Grahn

Unfortunately, she has quit her band Follow The Cipher a few days ago, but hopefully, she will come back to the Metal scene again. Until then, you can listen to her in this short vids.

Ad Infinitium

Maybe they are not the most active band on TikTok, but the singer Melissa and the bass guitarist Jonas also have an account, so maybe these use the platform to watch funny cats videos.

Markie Morávková / Alia Tempora

The Czech band is coming out from the underground scene swiftly, which is not a surprise. Even their TikTok account is demanded. Markie, The Unicorn Queen is not only talented but humorous as well.

Simone Simons

You can watch her making cameos on Charlotte Wessels’ channel if you are an Epica fan.

Jennifer Haben

Jennifer from Beyond The Black shares parts of her singing sessions with the fans.


Another snippet of our vocal arrangements for our Show „ORIGINS“! Get your ticket, guys! 🤗 #beyondtheblack #origins #vocalarrangement

♬ Songs of love and Death_A Cappella by Jennifer – Jennifer Haben

+1 @nightwishjokes

Nightwish fans can laugh their asses lungs out, this fan makes funny videos about the band.

Did I forget anyone from this list? Tell us in the comment section!

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